Nice to meet you!

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See the girl laughing into her latte?

That's me!

My name is Jordan, but you can call me JP. I'm the designer, educator and strategist behind Jordan Prindle | Designs. 

This little passion project was born when I was at a loss for direction. AKA, my first job post-college wasn't exactly my dream job. Shocker, I know. 

So, I hopped on Etsy to find a creative outlet. Instead, I found my passion.  

If you're here, I assume you are passionate about something, too. Maybe you own a small shop or run a lifestyle blog. Either way, you're passionate and willing to put in the hard work to start reaching those big, scary, don't-say-out-loud goals. 

I love that. It's why I do what I do. 

Helping people, just like you, is my passion. Because the act of designing a logo or website goes far beyond creating a pretty image; it allows you to create a stunning first impression, grow your dream business and live a life you’re truly passionate about. 


Featured on



Side Hustle is dedicated to sharing women's stories and highlighting their passions through a profile-inspired platform. This venture was created on International Women's Day and I'm so honored to have been featured among the many amazing women on this website! 


Jenna Tracy Creative is a fabulous entrepreneur dedicated to helping small business owners hone in on their brand voice through creative copywriting services. I recently wrote a blog post for her explaining exactly why I think all small business owners should hire a copywriter. 


The Creative Lady Directory is a resource for female creative entrepreneurs to share their stories and create connections. This website helps women book out their services from like-minded creatives and I'm honored to be listed.


How Can I Help?

I'm glad you asked.


The Blog



The JPD blog is a gold mine filled with step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts. I share new posts each week, all geared toward helping you design, strategize and brand your business in a thoughtful way. What are you waiting for? Start reading! 

The Shop



The recently launched JPD Shop is the perfect resource for anyone struggling with their brands visual identity. It hosts design templates and small business resources for designers, DIY-ers and now you. Take a look around the shop to get started!

The Services



I value laughter, kindness and each unique business that I serve. If our values align, I'd be delighted to collaborate. I pride myself on the experience I create for my clients as we thoughtfully craft your brand. Excited to learn more?