Exactly What You Should Do Before and After a Brand Launch

It's midnight. You're working late to perfect each detail of your brand. You're exhausted and scared.

What if no one visits your website and you've done all of this work for nothing? 

It's a thought all entrepreneurs have had. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have ran into this self doubt. It comes with the gig. But, when you create a plan you are able to diminish some of that doubt with proof. Proof that an audience will care and proof that your hard work will pay off.

Whether you believe in conducting the perfect six-week launch plan or follow the soft-launch method. There are a few things you should do before and after you launch your brand and this post is going to cover them.



1 | Let your audience know a (re)brand is coming.

Whether this is day 1 or day 394 of your business, you want to tell your audience that you are launching (or relaunching) your brand. The importance of telling your audience should not be understated. When starting a business you want to begin growing an audience as soon as possible. The sooner you have a following, the sooner you will have paying clients.

If you are conducting a re-brand it's also important to keep your audience in the loop. If you're re-branding it means you've already put in some late nights of hard work. You don't want to lose that following or momentum because they no longer recognize your identity. Keeping your audience in the loop ensures you won't get lost in the noise (or their inbox).

Now, how do you let your audience know? There are a few good methods. If you haven't already, create your social media platforms. You should already know which platforms work best for your target audience  based on your preliminary business plan. Once those are set up, introduce yourself or begin introducing the new brand. 

You can also email your target audience, family and friends about your new endeavor. I'm the first to admit marketing towards friends and family is uncomfortable, but it works. They want to support you and follow along, even if they don't quite understand what you're doing. 

Another idea is joining Facebook groups. No matter your niche there is a Facebook group out there that is designed just for you. When you're in the group, be helpful (read: not sales-y). Ask questions, answer questions and give encouragement to friends in need. This is a great way to grow a community, show your expertise and learn from others in your field.  


2 | Invite your audience behind-the-scenes 

Now that your audience knows you are launching a brand, you want to share a few sneak peaks to get them excited. Think of this as a gender reveal party. Most people aren't that invested in your child's gender, but when you pop a balloon or get people voting, the investment starts to grow inside them. 

That's what you want for your brand. Show off your color palettes, typography choices or a unique element of your logo. Slowly but surely as you're sharing little tidbits peoples excitement will grow. While you're showing these sneak-peaks tell people about your "why" and about yourself. Let people connect with you

When launch day finally comes, people will be able to connect with not just a logo, but the person behind the logo. 


3 | Check, check and check again

This is a big one that's often overlooked. In the excitement of launching your brand, things are destined to be overlooked. Sometimes they're small, like a spelling error. But, sometimes they're big, like your email sign-up form doesn't work. That's why it's so important to conduct an audit.

To conduct a thorough audit, start on your homepage. Reread all your content, check all your links and ensure all brand collateral is updated. Take the time to ensure everything is perfect. Now, something may still slip past you, and that's okay, but this way it's less likely to be a large issue and more of a subtle oops.

If you don't feel like you can properly conduct an audit on your own, ask a friend or family member to scan your website. Fresh eyes can work wonders! 


4 | Creatively direct people to your website

This is where it gets fun. Your website has finally launched!

Now, comes the task of getting people to actually go look at it. Simply asking people may work, but you'll have a much bigger impact if you come up with a creative incentive to drive people to your website. This could include: a blog post preview, host a live webinar, free resources, a launch sale or giveaway. There are plenty of creative ways to direct people towards your website. Remember to offer your audience an incentive, people are lazy, you need to offer something truly valuable for people to want to click-through to your website.


5 | Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Now that your launch is complete, and hopefully a few followers have been gained, it's time to celebrate. It's a big step to start a business, create a brand and step out on your own. Take a breath and celebrate this victory. 

Once your brand has been launched, the real work begins: growing your brand

Growing your brand will have ups and downs along the way, but if you're chasing a goal you're truly passionate about, it will be worth it. Keep your creativity running, your connections growing and you're destined to grow a beautiful and prosperous brand. 

Have you recently launched a brand? What challenges did you face? Tell me about it in the comments!