9 of My Favorite Creative Market Fonts

A well selected font has the ability to make or break any design.

Fonts communicate feelings, drive action and appeal to specific audiences. However, finding the perfect font for your brand can be difficult. With countless options to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite creative market fonts. With each font I share the category, emotion and a brand I think would be a good fit.

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1 | Fox and Bower

Fox and Bower is a rounded sans serif font.

This font is perfect for feminine, friendly and playful brands. I imagine it best suited for lifestyle brands focused on fashion or wellness, although it definitely can be used for many other brands.

Note: Fox and Bower is an all uppercase font.

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2 | Palash

Palash is a timeless serif font.

This font is perfect for refined, elegant and formal brands. I imagine it best suited for photographers or wedding coordinators.

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3 | Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is a two font family. The first font is a monoline hand written cursive script. The second font is a monoline sans serif font

This font is perfect for brands that require a young, personal touch. Oh wonder is easy to read and I think it would be perfect for bloggers and child-related brands.

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4 | Quincy

Quincy is a mix between a serif and display font.

This font communicates class, refinement and 1920’s charm. I would love to see this font used for a Great Gatsby invitation or design studio.

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5 | Chloe

Chloe is another classic typeface.

Once again, I’d love to see a Great Gatsby party invitation using this font. However, I also think it highlights vintage design, warmth and comfort.

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6 | Sydney

Sydney is a duo font set that pair together perfectly. The first font is a sleek sans serif font. The second a whimsical script font.

This font duo feels modern, artistic and filled with possibility. I believe they would pair well with a lifestyle or travel brand.

Note: The sans serif font is all uppercase.

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7 | Oxford

Oxford is a well-crafted sans serif font.

It’s simplicity makes it the perfect complimentary font to any brand. It speaks to elegance, minimalism and a touch of modern flare.

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8 | London

London is a luxurious serif font with it’s balance between thick and thin lines.

This font appeals to high-end quality and timeless elegance. I imagine it perfectly representing a style, jewelry or lifestyle brand.

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9 | Distinct

Distinct is a contemporary pair of signature & sans fonts designed to compliment one another.

This font duo would be perfect for a fashion or photography business. The script font is perfectly handwritten and easy to read, yet adds an appropriate personal touch to any business.

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Have you ever purchased a Creative Market font? What font is your favorite? Share it in the comments!