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A Introductory Guide to Getting Started With Pinterest

A Introductory Guide to Getting Started With Pinterest

The more I share about the success I’ve found through Pinterest, the more questions I get about it.

How did I get started on Pinterest? How frequently do I Pin? How did I get mine to run on autopilot?

Well, today I’m going to give you my getting-started guide for Pinterest. From setting up your business account, to rich pins to my undying love for Tailwind.

Let’s jump right in!

Top Tips for Branding Your Instagram

Top Tips for Branding Your Instagram

Branding your Instagram is important for establishing your business. But, it’s more important to brand your Instagram in order to attract your ideal clients.

I look at social media as an introduction. Your social media shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of your brand or business, but it should be getting your face in front of your ideal clients.

A well-branded Instagram can attract your clients, establish a community and create brand recognition for your business.

In this post, I’m sharing my top tips for branding your Instagram for your profile, feed and stories.  

5 Reasons to Start Using Pinterest for Your Small Business

5 Reasons to Start Using Pinterest for Your Small Business

I recently shared on Instagram that over 49% of my web traffic comes from Pinterest. Crazy, right?

Well, I think it’s crazy that anyone might not be on Pinterest, yet. Pinterest is the number one platform I would recommend to any small business owner. It has helped me find my audience, grow my web traffic and organically promote my business.

Although, I’m totally sold, I know there are a number of people who aren’t convinced. This one’s for you.

In today’s post, I’m debunking some Pinterest myths, sharing some demographics and explaining why you need to join Pinterest immediately.

Let’s get started!

The Details and Results of My First Instagram Promotion

The Details and Results of My First Instagram Promotion

Last week, I didn’t write a single blog post, I barely responded to emails, I binge-watched Gilmore Girls and cried… a lot.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that every day of running JPD is dream. I do nothing but succeed, exude confidence and embrace this wonderful journey. But, that’s not even close to the truth The truth is, JPD pushes me. It pushes me hard to be ALL THE THINGS and last week, I broke.

I cried to Joey, called my mom and considered just throwing in the towel. I didn’t feel cut out for this. Talking through it, with people who were being a little more rational, helped me discover something.

I’m not great at marketing myself.

I can design, blog and help my clients. But, I just can’t promote myself. I’ve told almost no friends or family about JPD, I barely promote my services and I hate Instagram.

So, I did the only logical thing, I opened up Instagram and created a promotion on a whim. The only way I do anything, if I’m being honest.

Today, I’m sharing with you all the details of how that Instagram Promotion went.

How to Brand Your Social Media Accounts

How to Brand Your Social Media Accounts

As a small business owner, social media is a non-negotiable for your business.

There are countless blog posts available on how to promote your business via social media and great tips on what to share. But, today I want to talk to you about highlighting your brand through your social media accounts.

Often, social media will the the first way a prospective client will interact with your business. In order to build a connection with your audience, a brand is a must-have. A well established brand increases recognition, makes you appear professional and established and welcomes your ideal clients. 

In today's post, I'm talking about the four most popular social media accounts to help you get started!