How I Added Value to My Free Resource Library

I've recently decided to start putting more effort into my email list. I always knew that having an email list was important, but when first starting a business, everything is important.

My email list is one of those things that didn't make the top of my to-do list, until now. 

To begin growing my email list, I created a free resource library. In exchange for someone's email address I would share a password protected page that was filled with content upgrades. Those content upgrades included workbooks and checklists that paired well with a few of my most popular blog posts. 

It was all simple enough, but recently I was inspired to add more value to my resource library and today I'm telling you all about it. 

How I Added Value to My Free Resource Library | Your #emaillist is vital to growing your business and increasing your income, but how do you ensure you're providing genuine value to your audience? Keep reading at #smallbusiness #businesstips #squarespacetips



Updates to the Resource Library

A few weeks ago, I was working to create a new page to my website called "Resources for Creatives". I thought it would be the perfect place to put a few of my favorite resources. But, after hoping in a Facebook group, they pointed out something obvious.

Why would I separate my resource library and another list of resources? When I write it out like that, it seems embarrassingly obvious. You wouldn't.

So, I decided to create a helpful list of business resources I use and love. From printing, to CRM software, to the best design resources - the updated resource library has got you covered. 


Why I Updated my Resource Library

Now, you may be wondering why I would put my time or energy into upgrading my free resource library in the first place. As it says in the title, I'm doing all of this work for free. But, that's not totally true for two reasons.

First, my blog is meant to be a free resource of helpful information, tools and tips that I can share with my audience and my free resource library is just an extension of that. Pouring a little energy into the resource library has helped me to further bond with my ideal client and further highlight my expertise. Although, this isn't money in my pocket, it is people on my email list that are increasingly engaging with my content. I call that a win.

Second, with this new update, I now have the opportunity to make a little money from my resource library. That's right, I'm talking affiliate links. As an affiliate partner, I may receive a small compensation for mentioning some of the resources in my library. This commissions comes at no additional cost to my readers and I never recommend a product I don't use and love. That's why only a few of the resources are affiliate links. 


How I Implemented the Updates

To keep the focus on the resources I created, I broke the resource library into two sections. The first section, which includes my resources, is called the JPD Library. 

An image of the front page cover of each resource library is listen with a button to download he product immediately below it. This makes it simple to navigate and user-friendly for my audience. 

Below my resources, is the new and improved list, called Resources for Creatives. That is where I broke my list down into two additional sections "Design Resources" and "Business Resources". Each section shares the name of the resource, a quick paragraph and a button linking you directly to that resources website. 

Does your business use a resource library? What have you found best about using a resource library for your business? Let me know in the comments!