9 Ways to Utilize Adobe Illustrator for Your Blog or Business

If there is one tool I couldn't live without for my business, it's Adobe Illustrator. 

Adobe Illustrator is considered the industry-standard for creating graphics due to it's vector-based software. Vector graphics allow the user to infinitely scale design. In comparison to Adobe Photoshop which uses Raster images. However, Adobe Illustrator can also be used for creating fonts, drawing, cropping photos and much more! 

Below is a list of 9 ways you can start using Adobe Illustrator in your business today.

9 Ways to Utilitze Adobe Illustrator for your Blog or Business | Creating ways to utilize Adobe Illustrator for your #smallbusiness at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #adobeillustrator #graphicdesign #designtips

 *Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you. And of course, I never recommend tools that I don’t use and love. Promise.

1 | Logo Design

I'm sure you're simply astounded that I would start with my specialty. I only use Illustrator when creating a new logo. Adobe Illustrator gives me the free to scale, reference grids, alter text and illustrate. As I mentioned above Illustrator is the industry-standard so all graphic designers can agree that it's a must-have.



2 | Media Kits

A media kit is a must-have for creative business owners that want to collaborate with other brands. A media kit provides information about your business, what you offer, who you offer it to, showcasing your work and so much more! Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for designing your own media kit. 


3 | Social Media Icons

Branding is all about the details. Something as simple as customizing your social media icons can reinforce your brand, mission statement and further your connection with your target audience. In Illustrator you have the control to change colors, styles and backgrounds to reflect your brand aesthetic.


4 | Worksheets + Freebies

I love using worksheets, checklists and freebies to invite people to join my mailing list. When I create a new worksheet I always jump into Illustrator. I'm able to reference past designs to create cohesive style while still playing with colors, fonts and content.

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5 | Cards

Christmas is right around the corner. If you're considering sending out a holiday card you might want to think about designing your own. Instead of buying a standard card at the store you can create custom cards that exemplify your brand and grow your relationship with past and prospective clients. 


6 | Contracts, timelines and quotes

One of my favorite features of Adobe's products is being able to create templates. This gives me the opportunity to quickly reference past work and update and tweak the style to add variation, update content or completely rework the document.


7 | Email Signatures

Interested in standing out among the crowd? Design a custom email signature. I like to use a favicon, add some contact information and place the image in my email signature. It's a perfect way to add a little branding to your emails and increase your professional persona and Illustrator gives me all the tools I need to make it in a snap. 


8 | Sidebar Graphics

If you have a blog, you probably have a sidebar. Whether you use this sidebar to promote your offerings, display social media graphics or create custom buttons. All of these elements can be created in Illustrator. This is a powerful way to customize your website, minimize amount of text used and create cohesive branding.


9 | Infographics

Infographics are powerful educational tools that can be used for countless niche markets. The use of information paired with graphic elements makes them highly shareable. With Illustrator you can create each graphic element, place them and design in a flash. Your new infographic will be going viral in no time!