Answering Your Most Common Pinterest Questions

Pinterest is my original marketing love. 

It has allowed me to organically build my business, get in front of my audience and grow my profits. 

If you haven’t fallen head over heels for Pinterest, yet. It may be because you still have some lingering questions about what Pinterest is, who it’s for and how you can benefit from using it for your business. 

A few weeks ago I polled my audience on Instagram and asked them what questions they have about Pinterest. Today, I’m going to be answering your most common Pinterest questions. 

Let’s get into it!

Answering Your Most Common Pinterest Questions | Learn how to set up your pinterest profile, use hashtags on pinterest and get found on the SmartFeed over at #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinterest  #socialmediatips

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1 | What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking hub designed to provide it's users with inspiration and educational resources that you can collect and categorize.

Think Google and Instagram rolled into one platform.

2 | What exactly is a pin/board/smartfeed?


The ideas you collect are called Pins. These Pins link back to a website with additional information about the idea you are saving. For example, a blog post.


The way we organize these ideas are called Boards. People typically break them down into niche categories. For example, Crockpot Meals for Two. 


Pinterest is set-up with your home feed, also referred to as a Smartfeed, as the baseline. Your home feed consists of all the pins being saved by the people you follow as well as suggested content based on your activity - that’s what makes it “smart”. 

3 | Who is Pinterest for?

The way I see it is if you have any type of online presence, you can reap the benefits of Pinterest. 

The only exception I see to using Pinterest is if your business has no way of making money through more web traffic. Pinterest is a powerhouse for building web traffic, but if your business can’t benefit from additional web traffic, I would recommend pouring your time into another marketing avenue. 


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4 | How Often Should I Pin?

It is widely recommended that you Pin a minimum of 5 times a day with each Pin being saved throughout the day. In other words, you don’t want to log onto Pinterest and save 5 quick Pins. You want to save a Pin every few hours.

That is why scheduling apps such as Tailwind are highly recommended for optimal growth.

5 | How Many Boards Should I Have?

I personally don’t think there is any perfect number for this. As long as your boards are related to your business and specific to one topic, I think you’ll find no problems growing your Pinterest account.

6 | What’s the Best Way to Set Up My Pinterest Profile?

Your Pinterest profile, like any social media profile is really important to the success of your business. 

To ensure the highest level of success, you’ll want to perfect your profile with these tips:

  • Business Name

  • Profile Description

  • Profile Image

  • Website URL

  • Featured Pins

Grab the Perfect Pinterest Profile Checklist

7 | How Do I Get Started Using Pinterest?

There are a few must-have things to do before you get started ruling the Pinterest world. 

  1. Set-Up a Business Account

  2. Customize Your Account

  3. Set-Up Rich Pins

  4. Invest in Tailwind


8 | What is a Rich Pin?

Rich Pins are a special Pin on Pinterest that provides additional information or context to a Pin. Pinterest prefers Rich Pins and they perform better because it gives your account credibility and context which makes users more inclined to click through to your website. 

You need to apply for Rich Pins because Pinterest will require access to your website to set up Rich Pins. Apply for Rich Pins Here: Rich Pin Validator

9 | What does the perfect pin look like?

The cliff notes version is it should pop while you scroll and give the viewer a reason to click-through to your website.

I talk about this in-depth on this blog post: HOW TO CREATE A VIRAL-WORTHY PIN

10 | How do I write a pin description?

I talk about this in-depth on this blog post: MY STRATEGY FOR WRITING PIN DESCRIPTIONS THAT CONVERT

11 | What’s the deal with Hashtags?

Pinterest made a switch in 2017 to start promoting the use of Hashtags in your pin descriptions.

As a user, if you search inside Pinterest using a hashtag the results will display in reverse chronological order, showing the most recent Pins at the top. As a business owner, this is ideal for your Pin to start performing at it's best right from the beginning.

Note: Hashtags are still not being used universally in Pinterest, at this time they are only being used on individual Pin captions.

12 | What Do I Need to Know About Pinterest analytics?

First, you should look at them. 

Second, these are the most important analytics you should be paying attention to:

  • Impressions (How many people are seeing your Pins)

  • Repins (How many times your Pins are being saved)

  • Clicks (How many people are visiting your website from your Pin)

  • Top Pins (Your top performing Pins)

  • Top Boards (Your top performing Boards)

Here’s a blog post that goes in-depth on how to read and understand the analytics, right here: Pinterest Analytics for Business

13 | Should I Use Pinterest ads?


I may be biased, but I believe Pinterest Ads are the most effective Ads of any social media marketing. 

Here’s why:

  • Pinterest is the best platform for pushing people to your website with or without running ads. 

  • Pinterest is an evergreen platform that continues to promote posts even if they’re years old.

  • When you pay to promote a Pin on Pinterest, it will be saved to new Boards and live there long after you stop paying for the ad. Making that ad more effective, since people can still see it in those Boards after you are no longer paying to promote it. 

  • The better Pins perform, the longer Pinterest promotes it for you. If you promote your Pin early, it is more likely to perform well long-term.

14 | How Do I Get Found on Pinterest?

There is a lot that goes into this, but here’s a high-level overview. 

First, Pinterest values evergreen content. AKA, the longer a Pin has been around the more favor it gains with Pinterest.

Second, You want to take advantage of your captions and using hashtags! Hashtags will help your content be found quicker.

Lastly, Be selective with who you follow, what you Pin and what your Repin. The SmartFeed is tracking all of this information and relating it to who your Pins would be the most beneficial to. So, if you sell jewelry, don’t Repin crafts or home renovation Pins. Stay in your lane!

15 | Do I Actually Need Tailwind?

Yes and no. 

If you are just getting started, Tailwind isn’t crucial. Learn to walk before you run, yaknow?

But, if you want to Pin on autopilot, drive traffic to your website and loop your content (AKA save a ton of time). Tailwind is the only platform that can help you.

Do you have a Pinterest question that I didn’t answer? Leave it in the comments and I will be sure to answer it for you.