Business Tasks To Batch

If you read my blog post on How I'm Preparing My Business for the New Year, you might have noticed that I want to put an emphasis on batch work.

Last year, I thought I was doing a good job at batching my tasks. But, the more I heard other business owners talk about it, the more I began to realize I wasn’t quite hitting the mark.

I was scheduling my social media once a week and writing two blog posts at a time. That’s it. That was my big batching extravaganza.

Now, in 2019 I’m going to batch work on a much larger scale. I plan to write one month of blog post at one time, schedule Facebook and Twitter a month in advance and so much more!

Keep reading to see what tasks I plan to batch. Hopefully, it inspires you to batch some of these tasks, too!

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Social media

Social media is a significant drain on my time. If I’m not scheduling it, I’m engaging with it or even worse absently scrolling.

I want to get a lot more intentional with how I schedule, engage and manage my social media accounts in the new year.

That’s where batch work comes in.

My new social media batching plan will look a little like this:

  1. Brainstorm topics

  2. Break up topics into platform (if necessary)

  3. Draft captions

  4. Create corresponding graphics (if necessary)

  5. Schedule content

Note: At the moment, I’m not planning to implement this on Instagram. I want to keep Instagram a little more fluid and real-time, so that will still be scheduled out each week.

Content creation

If you’re a loyal reader, you know I’ve written a lot of blog content.

Unfortunately, I was dreadful at scheduling it out, efficiently. Below, is my old workflow:

  • Monday: Brainstorm, write, edit, create graphic(s) and schedule a post for Tuesday

  • Tuesday: Brainstorm, write, edit, create graphic(s) and schedule a post for Thursday.

Clearly, this is not an efficient way to write high-quality content.

It doesn’t give me enough time to perfect the idea, do thorough research or plan a content flow that benefits myself or my audience.

My new plan will include batching each blog related task. I’m thinking it will look a little like this:

  • 1 Hour - Brainstorm one month of blog post ideas

  • 1 Hour - Write outline for each blog post

  • 10 Hours - Write and edit each blog post

  • 2 Hours - Create all blog graphics

  • 1 Hour - Draft and Schedule blog posts

This will average out around two full days of dedicated work. At this time, it’s just an estimate or goal. I’ll get a better idea of the required time for each task once I begin to implement it.

Business Maintenance and Accounting

If there is one thing I dread about running a business. It is business maintenance and accounting.

Although, I dread these tasks, I know how important it is to stay on top of them. With my new dedication to batching tasks, I plan to batch as many of these tasks as I can.

I’m thinking I will review and evaluate my website, social media and marketing analytics once a month. I will update my income and expenses once a month. Lastly, I will review and evaluate my work and client processes each quarter.

This will help me stay on top of my tasks, streamline the process and ensure I’m working at my most efficient level.


I have a confession - I am awful with my email.

I have my email on my phone and it’s constantly open on my computer. This is a habit I desperately want to break because I respond to emails the moment I receive them.

But, that means I’m in a constant state of task-switching.

In 2019, I want to batch the way I use my email. At this point, my plan is to remove my work email from my phone and only open it twice a day. Once at the beginning of each day and again before I log off for the day.

Now, this is the one task I’m most nervous to implement. It goes directly against my need to please people. So, even if I only remove it from my phone, I’m going to call that a victory.

Do you batch tasks in your business? What have you found to be the biggest surprise? I’d love to hear your thoughts!