Best Squarespace Fonts for Any Business Owner

Finding the perfect font for your business can be time-consuming, confusing and even overwhelming.

Especially, if you aren’t skilled in pairing fonts or know next to nothing about typography.

Luckily, I have written a few blog posts in my time to help you streamline this process. But, sometimes you find the perfect fonts for your brand, but maybe they don’t work for your website.

Today, I’m going to compile a few of the very best Squarespace fonts and categorize them into headers fonts, accents fonts and body copy fonts.

Let’s dive in!

The Best Squarespace Fonts for Any Business Owner | My favorite fonts to use for headers, accents and body copy in #squarespace at #typography #fonts #webdesignfonts

Best squarespace Header Fonts

  1. LTC Bodoni

  2. Montserrat

  3. Playfair Display

  4. Quicksand

  5. Raleway

  6. Oswald

  7. Lora

Best squarespaceAccent Fonts

  1. Yeseva One

  2. Vidaloka

  3. DIN Condensed

  4. Prata Regular

  5. Sorts Mill Goudy

  6. Flamenco

  7. Alice

Best squarespace Fonts for Body Copy

  1. Raleway

  2. Open Sans

  3. Lora

  4. Inconsolata

  5. Lato

  6. Cabin

  7. Calluna Sans

Do you use any of these fonts for your website? Let me know in the comments section!