5 Reasons Why Blogging is a Non-Negotiable for Business Owners

If you've been to my website before, you've probably noticed I blog... a lot. 

I actually blog 3 times a week. Although, I'm a rather chatty person, that's not the reason why I blog. When I first launched Jordan Prindle | Designs, I was adamant I wouldn't blog. I knew most designers had a blog and I was trying to find ways to be unique... *insert eye roll*

The longer I went without blogging, the more I realized how much I was negatively effecting my business. There was no reason for people to visit my website, I provided no value to my audience beyond my services and my SEO was suffering.

Now, I consider blogging a non-negotiable.

Are you holding back from blogging in your business? After reading this latest post, you may reconsider. 

5 Reasons Why Blogging is a Non-Negotiable for Business Owners | From boosting #SEO to highlighting your #brand to providing free and valuable content to your target audience, blogging is a must! Read more at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #blogging #smallbusiness #businesstips


1 | Provide free content

Although, there are a lot of reasons to blog for business, providing free content is my personal favorite. 

People work with businesses they can trust. This means before someone hires you, they have to trust your expertise, your knowledge and you. The best way to start building that trust and creating a genuine connection with your audience is to teach them, for free. 

Not only is blogging the easiest and most genuine way to share free knowledge, but it gives people a reason to look towards you when they have a question or need help. 


2 | Highlight your expertise

In order to find clients, people need to trust that you are capable of doing the job. An about page is a great way to tell people what you are an expert in. But, a blog can show them. 

With each new blog post, you're able to write content that helps your audience and highlights you wide range of knowledge and expertise. 

Be sure each blog post you write genuinely helps you target audience (i.e., niche your blog). Although, I love the color and flair that comes with a personal story, I recommend saving that for your Instagram Stories. Your blog should focus solely on helping your target audience with their pain points. 


3 | Share your brand voice

Your blog is a great way to introduce your ideal clients to your brand. Your brand is everything from your visuals to your brand voice. 

A brand voice is the intentional use of words that represent and promote your brand. It helps people understand the type of business you run (i.e., casual vs. professional) and who your target audience is. 

But, don't forget those visuals! Each graphic should include your logo, color palette and brand fonts!

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4 | Improve Web Traffic

Getting people to your website can feel nearly impossible. Almost every market is highly saturated and standing out amongst the crowd can be really hard. 

With a blog, you are consistently adding new content to your website that benefits your readers. Not only do they learn from you and see you as an expert, they have a reason to keep returning to your website, because they know they can continue to find valuable content on your blog.


5 | Boost SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a collection of practices you can use to improve your website's visibility in search engines.

Having a blog can fill your website with optimal keywords that pertain to your business, gives viewers a reason to return to your website and so much more!

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Do you have a blog for your business? What's keeping you from adding a blog? Let me know in the comments!