9 Brand Collateral Ideas For Your Creative Business

When you first created your business, you may have imagined just the work you enjoy doing. You may not have considered all the other aspects starting a business would entail.

Social media marketing, budgeting, website management, product packaging... and so much more. All of these business lanes serve a greater purpose, but how can you streamline these tasks and create a cohesive brand to your audience? Brand collateral.

Brand collateral is the collection of tangible content, media and devices that promotes your brand. Today, I'm going to share with you nine ideas for brand collateral that your business might be missing. 

9 Brand Collateral Ideas For Your Creative Business | Branding goes far past logos, color palettes and pairing fonts. It's icons, media kits, business cards and much more! See the full list at www.jordanprindledesigns.com


1 | Social Media Graphics

If you've been running your business for a while, you understand the importance of social media marketing. But, you may not have been creating specified content that promotes your brands image, voice and message.

Utilize your brands colors, typography, patterns and icons to create a cohesive brand across all social media platforms. Don't forget to brand your bio photo! 


2 | Business Cards and Stationary

Example: JP | Designs Business Cards by JP | Designs

All digital business need a physical presence. 

Whether this includes business cards, stationary, envelopes, notepads... It's important to bring your business to life in a tangible way. This gives you the opportunity to connect with prospective clients or collaborators in real life. 

JP | Designs Business Card


3 | Icons

I believe icons are the most under-utilized brand collateral resource.

People often feel that icons are just a way to add another design to their website. But, icons are so much more than pretty graphics. 

Icons have the power to convey a message, call people to action or set a mood. They aid in quicker understanding and communication and reinforce brand recognition. 

Get icons created by a designer (hi!) or purchase a pre-made kit from Creative Market*

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4 | Business Documents

Example: Alabaster and Moore Media Kit by JP | Designs

Business documents aren't often considered when creating brand collateral. People tend to focus on the "fun" side of branding. But, anything that your audience interacts with should be properly branded. 

Consider your client processes, collaborators or general communication. What aspects are left unbranded? Possibly, your questionnaires, contracts or media kits? 

Alabaster and Moore Media Kit


5 | Promotional Materials

Do you attend trade shows? Maybe you have an upcoming sale or event you want to promote?

Promotional materials are a big part of brand collateral. They can include pens, hats, t-shirts, notepads, direct mailers, flyers, brochures... The list is endless. Promotional materials can have a big impact on calling people to action, establishing brand identity and getting people excited about your business. 


7 | Packaging

Example: L.Y.F Juicery Packaging by Leon Design Agency

When you think of packaging, you should think of first impressions. Your packaging has the ability to create a bond with your audience that can turn into a sale. When creating your product packaging consider first impressions, where your product will be displayed and how you can stand out from the crowd. 



8 | Signage

Whether you're a brick and mortar or pop-up shop, you'll need signage. Signage makes your brand professional, cohesive and hopefully entice customers inside. 

When creating your signage be sure to research what restrictions or guidelines will be enforced. Depending on the restrictions you may need to get a little creative. Heck, even if there are no restrictions you should get a little creative. 


9 | Content Upgrades and Workbooks

Content upgrades and workbooks are most frequently used by bloggers enticing people to join their mailing list. 

Content upgrades usually consist of check lists, worksheets, mini-challenges, resources, templates... anything you want! These content upgrades should reinforce your brand and grow the bond with your audience. Take the time to be thoughtful in creating additional content for your audience that will entice them to join and stay on your newsletter. 


Which of these brand collateral ideas do you plan on implementing? Let me know in the comments!