7 Tips to Taking Better Brand Photos

I have some bad news. 

You can spend tons of time designing a beautiful logo, perfectly pairing your fonts or creating a one-of-a-kind website. But if your photos are amateur or disengaging your brand will fall short.

Great photos elevate your brand through a professional appearance and increased brand recognition. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture beautiful, branded images. You just need a few simple tips. 

7 Tips to Taking Better Brand Photos | No photography experience? No problem! Use these seven tips to elevate your brand and website. Read all about them on www.jordanprindledesigns.com



1 | Utilize your brands color palette

My first tip for improving your brands photos is utilizing your brands color palette.

If you have an existing brand, your color palette has already been established. If not, work with a designer or ask yourself a few questions about your target audience and their preferences. Are you targeting men or women? Does your brand feel personal or professional? Are you airy and light or powerful and reserved?

Remember to keep your personal preferences separate from these choices. Focus solely on your target audience's preferences.

Include your color palette in props, backdrops and the clothing you wear. 

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2 | Implement a range of colors

When using your color palette, don't sweat over the blue pen perfectly matching your brands blue.  

It's okay to have a range of colors in your prop arsenal. This gives your brand flexibility and depth. Tints and shades of the primary color palette are great ways to diversify your photography so they photos don't look stagnant or lacking creativity.


3 | Invest in a few props

Investing in brand props is a great way to diversify your photos. They can tie in your color palette, provide value and start a conversation. 

The props you use should provide value through reiterating your brand message. Utilize items you would naturally use in your business. As a designer I may want to show images of sketch books, color wheels or pens and markers.

The props you use can be simple and inexpensive: notebooks, pens, planners, plants, desk, laptop, mouse, wall art or you


4 | Create a space just for brand photos

A popular trick for many flat lay and stock photo photographers is that they have a special place in their home or studio designated just for photos. They have their props, backgrounds and great natural lighting set-up or stashed away in one spot. 

This gives the photographer an easy basis of creating consistent photos each time the shoot. If you struggle with creating consistency in your photos, start by choosing a location, a few standard props or backdrop and sticking with them. As you get more comfortable you can diversify and take risks with your photos. 


5 | Shoot in bulk

When you've chosen a location for your photo shoots why would you tear everything down after only taking a few photos. The next time you're going to take photos take an exhausting amount. Play with angles, prop positions and backdrops. Find your rhythm and see what looks best later. 

Shooting in bulk will also guarantee consistency. Everything will already be coordinated so you won't have to struggle with forcing consistency after you're done shooting. 


6 | Use natural light whenever possible

This is the most important tip for photography in general, not just brand photos.

The importance of natural light for photography is discussed all over the web so I won't go into too much detail. I'll cut right to the point. 

Take photos outside, near a window or open door. This will help you take beautiful photos with ease. Plus, you won't need to learn how to utilize studio lights or color correction. 


7 | Style your images with intention

This tip is the best tip to enhance your image quality... but also one of the hardest ones to learn. Styling your images with intention.

The days of white backdrops are quickly going out of style. Professional, high-end photography is leaning towards lifestyle images. 

For example, if you're selling a necklace, people don't want to see the necklace laid flat on a white backdrop. People are more attracted to seeing the necklace being worn. 

Think of staging your home for sale. Styling your photos is the same concept. People want to imagine themselves wearing the necklace or living in the home. Styling the photos is just aiding your audience's imagination. 

What of these 7 tips surprised you the most? Let me know in the comments section!