How to Brand Your Social Media Accounts

As a small business owner, social media is a non-negotiable for your business.

There are countless blog posts available on how to promote your business via social media and great tips on what to share. But, today I want to talk to you about highlighting your brand through your social media accounts.

Often, social media will the the first way a prospective client will interact with your business. In order to build a connection with your audience, a brand is a must-have. A well established brand increases recognition, makes you appear professional and established and welcomes your ideal clients. 

In today's post, I'm talking about the four most popular social media accounts to help you get started!

How to Brand Your Social Media Accounts | Learn to #brand your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter at #branding #socialmedia #customdesign




Facebook is a great platfrom for small business owners. You can share content through your Facebook page or personal account. Plus, you can create genuine connections  through Facebook groups. 

With all of these options to connect, it's important to keep your brand at the forefront. Below are a few key tips I suggest. 

Profile Photo

I recommend using your professional headshot for your profile photo. 

This highlights your brand and ensures you're putting a professional foot forward when connecting with fellow business owners and prospective clients. Remember, your headshot should be professional, personable and reflective of your brand. 


Facebook is a great place to share your blog content, highlight expert opinions and encourage your followers. 

Be sure you're sharing a wide range of content that promotes your business, highlights your knowledge and promotes your brand voice. 



If you have a image-heavy business, Instagram may be your number one referral. 

Instagram is a great resource for displaying portfolio-inspired images, connecting with a community and highlighting your style and aesthetic. Most important, you should be highlighting your brand. 

Profile photo

Again, it's important to use your headshot as your profile image to create a good first impression.

Feed Content

The content in your feed should be reflective of your overall brand. That means the aesthetic, colors, fonts and brand voice should be present for each image. 

This prepares prospective clients of what they can expect from your business. Plus, it makes you easy to identify when someone is scrolling through Instagram. Be sure you're including creative hashtags to expand your reach and brand-specific hashtags in each post!

Story Content

Instagram Stories are quickly becoming the number one way people connect via Instagram. When polled, people share they are more likely to view your Instagram Stories than look at their Instagram Feed. 

This means, if you haven't jumped on the story bandwagon, now's the time. 

Get creative with the content you're sharing to your stories. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Behind-the-scenes of your work process

  • Motivational quotes

  • Recent blog posts

  • Your favorite people to follow

  • Highlight your feed

Just be sure each thing you share has an intentional purpose behind it that fosters community and pushes your brand forward!

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Learn to effectively implement your brand's color palette!

Color is a great way to distinguish your brand. In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%! But, if you aren't selecting your brands colors with intention, you could be sabotaging your entire brand. Luckily, I created a workbook to help you out.

Download your free Color Palette Workbook



Pinterest is the number one referral to my blog and it has made a big ipact on my business. 


For Pinterest, I think there are two main things to worry about with your profile. One, your account name. Two, your bio.

For your account name, I recommend stating the name of your business and what you offer. This helps you rank higher in search and attract your target audience. 

For example, my account name reads: JP | Designs Custom Brand And Website Design

Now, for your bio. Your bio should be similar to your elevator pitch. Keep it short and simple for best results. 

For example, my bio reads: Crafting heartfelt brands and websites for creative women in business. Get your free website design audit here:

It draws immediate attention to what I offer, to who and how they can benefit from my services with a free opt-in. I recommend following a similar format. 


There are a few key tips to create eye-catching pins for Pinterest.

  1. Legible text: All text should be large, easy to read and preferably a serif or sans serif font.

  2. Consistent color palette: Your brands color palette should be included in each pin for optimal brand consistency and memorability.

  3. Business Name or Website: Including your business name or website on each pin ensures people can recognize your brand even if they don't click-through to your website.

  4. Vertical Design: Most important, a vertical design is a must-have for Pinterest. I recommend sizing your pins at 735 x 1200 pixels.

With a few simple design tips and carefully selected keywords, you can have a branded Pinterest in no time!

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Twitter is a fast-moving platform that requires a lot of work to get seen. But, if you have a few blogs stocked up you can easily get started on this platform and start expanding your reach and promoting your brand. 


With your Twitter profile, you'll want to include a powerful bio that highlights you work, target audience and a link to an opt-in. Rather than linking to your website, an opt-in can be a persuasive way to grow your target audience through a more intimate connection.

When someone joins your newsletter, you can continue sharing your story and highlighting your expertise, rather than getting a one-time visit to your website's home page.    


Twitter is one of the best platforms for sharing blog posts, advice and motivational quotes. 

In order to get the most out of your Twitter feed, you'll want to balance sharing your own content, relevant content and marketing your products/services. No one wants to follow an account that solely promotes their products. 

Be sure to include on-brand graphics for your content and promotional Tweets to ensure you are easy to recognize on this fast-paced platform.

How have you branded your social media accounts? Let me know in the comments!