3 Reasons To Focus On Building Your Brand Before Your Business

I was recently listening to Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast episode entitled "5 Lessons I've Learned from Joanna Gaines". In this episode, she mentioned the importance of building your brand before your business.

It was one of those statements that caught me off guard. An ah-ha moment, if you will. In this blog post, I want to expand on this and share with you my ah-ha moment. 

Before you tune me out for being biased. Let me explain.

Your business may pay the bills or even be your passion, but what do those two things do for your audience? Well, nothing. Your audience may like your products and find them useful, but why did they choose your products? What's setting you apart?

Your brand. 

Your brand is how your audience connects to you. It's how your build a community around your business. A brand is what turns your business into an empire. 

Interested? Keep reading!

3 Reasons To Focus On Building Your Brand Before Your Business | This week I was inspired by Jenna Kutcher and Joanna Gaines in a complete ah-ha worthy moment. In this blog post I'm sharing all the reasons why your brand is the most important aspect of your creative business. Read the full blog post at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #branddesigner #branding #brandtips




Your brand is your differentiator

When Chip and Joanna Gaines first started hosting Fixer Upper, they followed those who went before them. They focused on the work and the design.

As they grew more comfortable with themselves and their brand, they were able to break away from the crowd. They shared their personalities and family life which gave people a way to connect with them beyond an appreciation for their work and style. 

How can you connect with your audience beyond your products? How does your brand set you apart from others in your field? 

Focus on what makes you unique and amplify that to your audience. People love connecting with those they understand and share a commonality with.   


Brand Growth Fosters Business Growth

You may think that the only way to become a successful entrepreneur is to grow your business. But, that isn't necessarily true. Focusing on growing your brand will inherently grow your business. However, growing your business won't grow your brand. 

Understanding your brand and yourself is what makes you unique. It's how you're able to connect with people. Think of Joanna Gaines, she's the type of person anyone would enjoy having a cup of coffee with. She presents herself and her brand as genuine, kind and inviting. Chip Gaines is goofy and approachable. Together, they present themselves as the fun-loving neighbors with a happy family.

How do you present your brand to prospective clients? Are they welcomed into a community or are they viewed as a pay check?

Set aside some time to evaluate your current brand and brainstorm ways you could improve it for yourself and your clients. 


Your Goals Will Change, Will Your Business?

Do you think Joanna Gaines started her career dreaming of writing books, having a line at Target or hosting a TV show? Probably not. But, the more successful she became the more her dreams and goals had to adapt. 

As her dreams and goals changed, her business evolved. If her success relied solely on her business model or specific product, she wouldn't have been able to expand and grow. 

Are you relying too heavily on your products to differentiate yourself? How could you change the focus from your business to your brand?

Consider sharing pieces of your life, your story or your goals. Offer your audience authentic transparency and give them the opportunity to connect with you on another level. 

Have you been focusing on building your business before your brand? What will you change now that you have this information. Let me know in the comments!