A Sneak Peak at My Client Offboarding process

Last week, I wrote a blog post detailing my client onboarding process. This week, I want to walk you through my offboarding process. 

The offboarding process is the transition towards the end of a project. This process helps me ease my clients into taking full ownership of their new brand and website. Honesty hour, I get hyper invested in the success of my client's businesses, which means, I want to make sure they feel comfortable using their brand appropriately after the project has ended. It also means I stalk them online for months afterwards, but that's another story. 

To ensure there success, I have streamlined a process for offboarding each brand design client and today I'm sharing what that looks like. 

A Sneak Peak at My Client Offboarding Process | At the end of each project, I begin my offboarding process to ensure each client has a smooth brand transition. Read the full story at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #branddesign #logodesign #brandidentity


Custom Launch Day Packet

Launching a new brand can be a stressful time for any business owner. You've already invested a significant amount of time, money and energy into the creation of your brand. Ensuring it was well worth it, can be overwhelming. 

Which is why I provide each client with a custom launch day packet. This packet takes into account their ideal clients, current business offerings and much more. Although, I have a general template for a successful brand launch, it's improtant to customize your launch for your audience and business. 

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Final Invoice + File preparation

Before I hand off the files, I send the final invoice. The final invoice is the remaining 50% of the overall client project, as well as any additional charges that were taken on during the branding project. 

This ensures I don't need to track anyone down for payments during the hectic post-launch celebration. 

Once the final invoice is received, I start preparing the file's for hand-off. This includes ensuring each file is properly sized and formatted appropriately (read: perfect). Most of this work is done throughout the process, but before I package the files and send them off, I like to double check that everything looks correct.


File Hand-Off + Style Guide

Once the final files are prepared, I create a new folder in my Google Drive to ensure easy delivery for my clients. 

The final files include a style guide that is filled with all the brand elements included in their design package. This ranges from the basics of logo design and variations, color and font systems to business card and logo mock-ups. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing a brand IRL, and a mock up helps me do that for my clients. 



After the project is completed, I mark a few dates in my calendar to follow-up with my clients. Typically, a few weeks post-launch, than a few months after the last check-in. 

These follow-ups let me ensure everything is still running smoothly, it shows I'm available for any additional services and allows me the opportunity to ask for testimonial or referrals. The best part, it helps keep a healthy relationship growing with my clients, which is what this is all about. 

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