A Sneak Peak at My Client Onboarding Process

I recently received an email from a blog-reader. She reached out to me because she was surprised to learn about my in-depth questionnaire and overall client process. She was working with another designer who had a different client system.

I was surprised. I thought my client process was similar to most designers. While, I'm sure that my process is similar to other designers, I realized I wasn't openly talking about this piece of my services.

When you work so intensely within your field, you often forget that not everyone knows your business as intimately as you do. I strive to share as much as I can about the behind-the-scenes of my business.

Transparency and authenticity is at the core of my business and sharing the details of my client onboarding process is just one of those ways I can be a little more transparent. 

A Sneak Peak at My Client Onboarding Process | At the beginning of each new brand and web design client, I have a specific process that ensures each project is a success. Read the full process at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #branddesign #webdesign #clientprocess



1 | Client Inquiry

Since, I don't follow people around asking for work, the first step of each project begins with the client inquiry. This initial inquiry comes directly to my email, using the submission form on the "Work with JPD" page of my website.

In this form, I ask just a few simple questions to get the conversation going. I don't want to make people jump through too many hoops before they've even had a chance to talk to me, so this just let's me know they are interested in my services, share a little information about their business and I can learn their investment budget.


2 | Investment Guide

In response to the inquiry, I always send my investment guide. 

This gives a deep dive into my packages, process and answers some frequently asked questions. Although, most people have looked around my website before reaching out to me, most people don't know all the details of my process and packages.  


3 | Contracts and Timelines

If the client has decided to proceed with my services, there are a few details that need to be arranged.

First, we nail down a timeline. Creating this timeline takes in a few factors, my schedule, the client's schedule and my questionnaire buffer. Even if I have immediate availability, I try to start each projects a few weeks after the contracts are signed due to the questionnaire's that I send each client. This allows them the time and space to complete the questionnaire with proper consideration.

Once we've selected a start date, I draft up a contract. This contract ensures all of the details and requirements are shared up front and as transparently as possible. I highlight working hours, file ownership and payment schedules... to name a few.


4 | In-Depth Client Questionnaire

As mentioned above, I send each new client an in-depth questionnaire. Depending on the scope of their project they receive one to three different questionnaire's that reflect each brand package that I offer. This allows me to fully learn the ins-and-outs of my client's business, target audience and mission. 

This helps me go beyond creating something pretty and instead create something purpose-driven and mission-focused. One of the things I pride myself on, is creating work with intention and including an in-depth questionnaire is just one of the ways I strive to do this for my clients.  

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