How To Structure A Free Consultation Call To Book Out Your Services

When I first started offering design packages, I assumed sharing my process and pricing would be sufficient for my clients. They could view my portfolio and ask me any questions they had. What more could they need?

Well, believe it or not, people want to know the people they work with. They want to put a face to the name and build an actual connection. 

Although there are multiple ways for you to get your face in front of your clients and start building a community, free consultations calls is the fastest and easiest way for you to do this while booking out your service-based business. 

In this blog post, I'm sharing with you my tips for how to properly structure a free consultation call that converts. Let's get started!

How to Structure A Free Consultation Call to Book Out Your Services | With 5 simple steps, you can take your creative business from stagnant to booked out. Read the full blog post at #branddesign #creativeentrepreneur #webdesign



1 | Introduce yourself

As service-based business's, we often share a lot about our self, our process and our business. Unfortunately, this leaves many of us with the belief that prospective clients have read all of those blog posts, Instagram captions and about pages.  Luckily, for stalker-free purposes, most prospective clients don't know you that intimately.

That makes it very important to start your free consultation call with an introduction into your personality and business. This provides your prospective clients with an easy way to build a connection with you. It also keeps your clients from feeling that this call is just about the money. Start off with having a genuine conversation, rather than pitching them your services. 

I suggest keeping your introduction simple with a brief overview of your business, expertise and personal life. This gives you the ease of sharing this introduction casually and comfortably (don't script it!) without boring the client. 


2 | Ask about them and their business

After you've briefly shared your introduction, give your client the opportunity to do the same. 

A consultation call serves your clients, but it also serves you as the business owner. You're able to learn more about their business, goals and personality. It's an easy way to discover if you'll be a good match and how you will work together. 

I've also found that this call gives me more insights into the client than my questionnaire. People can't self-edit on the phone and they often share more about themselves than they would in a written document. This is a great opportunity to take notes about their business and goals and bond over shared hobbies and interests. 


3 | Detail your process

After your prospective client has shared their introduction, it's time to shift into business-mode.

In this section, you'll want to detail how you typically run things. How your packages, payment and schedules work, your ideal client experience and answer any questions they may have. This can be a great opportunity to suggest a package that fits their needs and detail expectations for them as your client and yourself. 

Answering questions is the best way you can serve your clients during this call. No matter how much you share your process with your audience, clients will want to hear the details from you. 


4 | Ask them about their ideal outcome

After you feel that you've answered all of their questions, it's time to figure out anything that may be holding them back. It's important to walk away from this call with an in-depth understanding of your client's ideal outcome. 

This allows you to best serve your clients, tame expectation or direct them towards another resource if you aren't a good fit. 


5 | End the call with confidence

After you've learned about their ideal outcome, follow up with answering any last questions before ending the call. 

Once you've answered their questions, inform them of when you will be sending a follow-up email detailing the call. In this follow-up email, share what you learned about their business and ideal outcome. At the end of this email, share your quoted price and ask how they would like to proceed. 

That's it, your consultation call can be that easy and still leave a lasting impression with your clients. 

Do you utilize consultation calls in your service-based business? How do you structure them? Let me know in the comments!