3 Must-Have's to Create Graphics That Convert

Graphics that convert, isn't that the dream?

No matter what type of business you run, at one point or another you will need to create a graphic. This might be for your social media accounts, your website or an advertisement. 

But, you don't want to just create a graphic, you want to create a graphic that works. One that connects with your target audience, fosters community and encourages them to engage. You need a graphic that converts. 

In today's post, I'm sharing with you 3 must-have's for any high-converting graphic with a few examples of what not to do. Hopefully, this will guide you towards creating graphics that not only reflect your brand but grow your business. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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1 | Headlines

One of the most important things you can do to create a graphic that converts, is to write an engaging headline. 

The headline or short piece of text you include in any graphic is what convinces people to connect with you, interact with your content or purchase your product. Copy sells. 

There are three must-have's for an engaging headline:

Keep the text short and simple:

Most people scroll through their social media accounts rather quickly. In order to catch their attention, the text needs to be clear and easy to understand. Let's show two examples. 

7 Tips to Launch Your Freelance Business


Use these 7 strategic methods to start, launch or grow your digital-based business

The first headline is simple, easy to read and direct. You know exactly what you're going to learn from the blog post without any additional words or clutter. 

Highlight the takeaway:

The most important thing you can do once they're looking at your graphic, is to give them a reason to engage with your content. Highlight what they will gain from reading your content, opting-in for your newsletter or following your social media accounts. 

Here's an example:

5 Instagram Strategies I Used to Double My Income

This headline highlights what you will read about and the possible benefits from implementing these strategies, which promotes natural engagement.

Ask them to engage:

If you want someone to engage with your content, you need to ask. People are inherently lazy and unless you tell them what you'd like them to do, there's a smaller chance of them doing it. 

You can do this through offering an opt-in, asking them a question or promoting participation. A little creativity goes a long way here!


2 | Design

If headlines are the most important converting factor to your graphics, design must be a close second.

A well-designed graphic is the vehicle that shares your message and attracts your target audience. If you are using inappropriate, misleading or illegible graphics you are making it harder for your audience to engage with your content and in turn click-through to your website. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to improve your graphics.

Graphics that Convert | Poor Font Selections


When it comes to selecting your fonts, utilizing a simple and easy to read font is always better.

Using a classic font, like serif or sans serif,  is easier to read at all sizes ensuring that your audience is more likely to engage with your content. Read more about how to select a font.

With the example on the right, they are using three separate fonts. Although, three fonts for an entire brand is totally acceptable, they should never all be present on one graphic. 

Additionally, they have two of the three fonts are relatively hard to read with a handwritten script and Aztec-inspired display font. 

In this scenario, it's best to keep it simple and legible to ensure your best outcome for conversions.  


Graphics that Convert | Poor color choices


Color is a powerful communication tool and is often used to encourage action, tell a story or tap into emotions.

However, selecting a color palette and implementing it correctly can be a difficult task. Especially once you try to start adding photo's to your graphics. 

Again, I headed to Pinterest to find an example. The below graphic is quite busy and I feel they neglected to understand color theory and implementation before they began. 

For example, orange represents strength, endurance, happiness and creativity. It appears they work in the creative field, so this may be a good option. However, they use the color three times. Since this color is a high-stimulus it should be used sparingly to ensure only the most important details are highlighted. 

Additionally, the background is very hectic with multiple shades of greens, tans and whites. The background is also attempting to grab our attention and causes us to feel overwhelmed and confused. A simple colored background or canvas behind the text would have eased this overwhelm significantly. 


Learn to effectively implement your brand's color palette!

Color is a great way to distinguish your brand. In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%! But, if you aren't selecting your brands colors with intention, you could be sabotaging your entire brand. Luckily, I created a workbook to help you out.

Download your free Color Palette Workbook


3 | Creativity

Lastly, you need to get creative with your graphics. 

There are a lot of similarly styled graphics due to the nature on online businesses. Although, I don't believe you need to reinvent the wheel when designing a pin, icon or opt-in. I do think it's important to get a little creative and understand what your competition is already doing. 

Let's take Pinterest as an example. I searched "Business Tips" and immediately saw a few pins that looked pretty similar. I These two pins each have a white canvas background, heading and sub-heading, cool-blue color palette and sans serif fonts.

Pin Example from Hello Function
Pin Example from Spruce Road

Now, I'm not claiming either business should change their design, but if you're just getting started with creating your brand graphics. I would consider researching your competition and make sure what you create stands out.

A few ways to get creative with your graphics include:

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Headlines

  • Layouts

  • Call-to-actions

  • Templates

  • Anything you want!

How you get creative doesn't matter, as long as it connects with your target audience, improves your brand recognition and increases your conversions!

Which tip did you find most surprising or helpful? Let me know in the comments!