7 Tips for Creating Hype Around a Launch

I recently launched the Thrive with Tailwind Course. Since, I just went through the process of launching something new, I wanted to share with you all a few ideas for creating hype around a launch.

These tips can apply to launching a course, a product or service or even a brand new business.

Keep reading and let me know what tips you have for creating hype around a launch!

7 Tips for Building Hype Around a Launch | One of the trickiest parts about launching something new, is getting people excited about it. In this blog post, I'm sharing everything I know about building hype over at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #hype #smallbusiness #launchtips

1 | Blog

First and foremost, write a blog post about your launch.

Your blog is a great place to share insider information, connect with your audience, and maybe most importantly start building your SEO up for your new product, course or business.  

Blog Post Ideas:

  • Talk about why you created (your thing goes here) (My example)

  • Share a sneak peak or behind-the-scenes (My example)

  • Explain your process

  • Answer frequently asked questions (My example)

  • Write a full blog series about the launch

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2 | Newsletter

I’m a huge fan of newsletters.

Your newsletter is made up of your most loyal followers. It’s a way for you to directly speak to your audience with them having to do little to no action outside of opening your email. Most importantly your newsletter is the only social platform you actually own.

Be sure to email your list telling them all about your upcoming launch and ask them to enroll.

Newsletter Ideas:

  • Announce the launch

  • Re-purpose Your Blog Posts

  • Inform them of a sale, contest, giveaway, etc.

  • Let your audience know the enrollment period is ending

  • Scheduling a time to go live? Tell your people

3 | Social Media

Get the word out on all your social media platforms.

I have heard so many people not share about their launch because they don’t want to bother people. The thing is, you aren’t bothering people. More likely than not, your followers are having trouble even seeing your content, so talk about your launch until you’re blue in the face.

Social Media Ideas:

  • Do a countdown

  • Announce the launch date

  • Host a giveaway or contest

  • Share testimonials

  • Go live

  • Share user-generated content

  • Highlight your blog post and newsletters

4 | Go Live

A great way to talk to your audience, is to go live on social media.

You are able to talk about your launch, share a real-time behind-the-scenes look of your launch and answer questions from your audience. Not to mention, going live notifies your entire audience, so it’s a great way to ensure your followers are aware of your launch.

5 | Host a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways and contests can be amazing and if you get intentional about how you structure it, you can really reap the benefits.

Giveaways and contests get people to promote your content for you and it gets people to engage with your content which expands your reach.

6 | Guest Post

Do you know of a business with a group of followers that would benefit from your launch? Maybe your course covers a topic they’re interested in. Possibly your new business is the solution to their biggest problem.

Ask that business owner if you can write a guest post for their website. Now, I want to be clear, this is now where you promote your course, product or service. This is where you offer as much free information as you can. This guest post can help expand your reach, but it’s not the time to sell.

You have to introduce yourself before you pitch yourself.

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7 | Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to exponentially expand your reach. Giving some fellow business owners a small piece of the pie is a great way to motivate like-minded business owners to share your launch with their audience.

Get creative and get the word out!

What tips do you have about creating hype around a launch? Let me know in the comments!