3 Reasons Why I Expanded My Design Packages

When I first started freelancing design services, I did what most designers do, I started selling printables on Etsy.

Although I enjoyed making the printables, I quickly realized, my talents were best suited elsewhere. I found myself being drawn to partnering with my fellow creative entrepreneurs to design their brand identity. 

Fast forward to launching JP | Designs, formerly J & J Social, I only offered one design package. I chose to only offer one package to ensure I could offer a great customer experience, streamline my process and steadily grow my business.

But, now that my business is entering a new season, I felt it was time for my offerings to evolve and today I'm going to explain how and why I made the decision. 

3 Reasons Why I Exanded my Design Packages | I found my inner Rory Gilmore and made my pro-con lists, considered my target audience and made the leap! Read all about it on www.jordanprindledesigns.com


I weighed the pros and cons

When making any decision in regards to my business, I like to weigh the pros and cons. This is the Rory Gilmore in me. 

You may think this sounds silly, how could expanding my services be a negative? Well... it could overwhelm people, it could be harder to estimate my monthly incomes and schedule and it could ruin a clients experience. 

But, I wanted to weight those concerns against the pros: help more people, expand my reach, diversify my income, tackle more projects and allow people the freedom of growing into a brand.

After comparing my pro-con list I felt that I would be able to better serve my audience by expanding my packages.


i wanted to Better serve my audience

That leads me right into my second point.

Running a business should always revolve around the service of your audience. When I was only offering one package, I felt pulled to explain my reasoning and justify why I was right for only selling one package. But, it never felt right. This quote, is one of the pushes I needed to actually expand my packages. 

"Stop selling. Start helping." - Zig Ziglar

By offering more packages, I feel that I can now serve people exactly where they are in business. I don't need to pressure people into a package that doesn't fulfill their needs. I can start helping and stop selling.  


I was ready

Lastly, I felt ready to take on the challenge of expanding my services. When I first launched JP | Designs, I didn't want to over extend myself and run the risk of giving a bad client experience. I wanted to bide my time until I felt that my client process ran smoothly and efficiently for both myself and the client. 

Now that I feel confident in my client process, I know that I can better serve my entire audience exactly where they are. Check out my design services page to learn more about my new packages.