Video Tutorial: How to Design a Pin in Canva

Canva is a graphic-design tool that is perfect for bloggers and business owners who don’t have experience with complex design software, such as Adobe. 

Canva uses a simplified drag-and-drop format to ensure your designs always come out looking professional. Not to mention they provide their users with access to millions of photographs, vectors, graphics, fonts, templates and more.

Although these templates can be incredibly helpful, it can also mean your graphics look just like every other Canva user. 

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use Canva to create a one-of-a-kind Pin.

How to Design a Pin in Canva | Watch this video tutorial on how to design a pin for Pinterest in Canva over at #pinterestdesign #pintereststrategy #canvatutorial #designtutorial

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Additionally, you can read a transcript of this video, below.


Hi, my name is Jordan and I am the designer and educator behind Jordan Prindle Designs. I want to welcome you to this quick video tutorial showing you how to design a Pin in Canva. If you have not used Canva before, it is a really helpful, user-friendly platform for designing things like Pinterest graphics, or posters or presentations etc. etc.

I personally tend to use Adobe Illustrator but I know that it is a much more complicated and complex platform for people. So, I thought showing you how to design a Pin in Canva would be really helpful.

If you haven’t used Canva before, you are able to create a free account. And you are able to update it to a paid account for more features, but for what we are going to do today, you will only need the free account.

So, when you are first here, you’ll just want to go to Create a Design and select Pinterest Graphic. That will open up a new tab in your window and will bring you to a blank slate that will already be set for the proper dimensions for Pinterest.

On the left-hand side you will see some, excuse me, some template for different layouts you can use. But, today we’re actually going to be creating our own.

So, if you look over here, you will see you have this submenu. We will be using that primarily. We will also be using, there is a second menu up here, that we will see in a minute.

So, first you just want to go to photos. There are a lot of free photos in here and of course you can add your own. Today, I’m just going to use this one of a young woman working at a computer. We;re going to use that as our background graphic.

And then we’re going to come to this menu that says elements. And I’m going to use this blank square. In the elements you can actually see a lot of different options to choose from, so you can get really creative. Some of these are paid, some of these you need the pro membership, some are just a few dollars. It really just depends. Everything we’re using today is just going to be a free element.

So, like I said, you can just drag and drop your square into place. I’m going to resize it a little bit and put it in the center of the image. As you can see, it sort of helps you snap to the right points and make sure everything is properly aligned.

I’m going to make this white, because we’re going to be using it as a background for our text.

Next, we;ll go to the text menu and select add a heading. As you see, it’ll just pop up right here. I’m going to write “How to Design a Pin in Canva”.

So, one of the things you want to know about Pinterest is that they really like Sans Serif fonts. Sans serif Fonts are any fonts that don’t have these little extra design elements to them. The reason that sans serif fonts do so well, is that they are so easy to read, especially on mobile devices and at all sizes - it doesn’t get skewed.

I selected Lato Bold, but you can use whatever font you want. And them I’m going to select that and select text color. When you’re here, you’ll see there are some default colors already set up. Otherwise, you can search by color name or by a Hex code.

I’m going to search Pink. And use, I think this dark pink. yeah, I think that looks good.

When you’re selecting color for your text, you want to make sure there is a lot of contrast between the background and text color itself. That will ensure it is super easy to read and nobody is going to strain themselves to read it. Because they are likely to keep scrolling right past your pin if they do that.

Secondly, I just wanted to make it all caps. Which you can do with that simple little button right there.

Next, I’m going to add my subheading. I like to add subheadings to my Pins because it gives people an additional reason or incentive to click-through the pin. So, I’m going to say Plus a free video tutorial. That is going to get people interested and just make them more likely to click-through.

As you can see, Lato Bold is still right there for me. So, I’m going to select that. I’m going to make that all uppercase again and then I’m going to make it our pink color.

Okay, I’m going to make sure that that is centered. That looks good.

Next, I’m going to go back to elements and I’m going to choose this square box again and going to make this nice and small.

Okay, we might have to resize that, but that’s good for now. So, I’m going to center it at the bottom of this box and center it to the center of pin. I‘m going to select right here to change the color and make it that pink. That looks good. I’m going to go back to text and do a little piece of body text. I’ll have to check that I spelled that right.

Okay, Lato Bold one more time.

Size 14. Select text color - make it white. Okay, let’s place that here. Let’s make that centered. That looks good. That looks good, but it’s just a little tight. So, I’m going to make this a little bigger and recenter it.

Okay, good. You always want to have a branded element on your pins so people can easily recognize you and your business. It’s also just an additional reason to click through to the website. Obviously, you don’t need to use your website. You can use a logo, an icon, photo of yourself. There’s a lot of different ways that you can make a pin branded.

So, what I just did, was I selected this text and pressed copy. So now I have a second little piece of that here. I’m going to change that to Pink. Select that and put design.

That is just my way of indicating that this is a design related pin. It’s going to be in my design category of my blog.

Now, I can select two items by just holding shift. Now, I’m going to make sure these are centered properly. Okay. I think that looks good.

Now you have your pin ready to go all fully designed and you can select Publish to Pinterest or use this dropdown to download it as an image file.

Okay, so that is how you design a pin in canva. If you have any additional questions, just let me know.

Have any additional questions about designing pins in Canva? Let me know!