Why I Started Including a Design Proposal in my Brand Design Packages

As a brand and website designer, the majority of my clients aren't well-educated in the world of design. That is part of the reason why creative entrepreneurs hire me, but it's also one of the reasons why they might disagree with my design decisions.

In order to streamline, educate and build trust with my clients I decided to create a design proposal. 

A design proposal is similar to a client pitch. In my design proposals I include a brief overview of my clients business, my approach, design inspiration, color palette and font pairings. 

In this post, I'm going to share how it has improved my brand design packages and improved the design experience for my clients.

Why I Started Including a Design Proposal in my Brand Design Packages | In order to streamline my design process, educate my clients and build trust I needed to create a design proposal. Read the full post at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #branddesigner #logodesign #graphicdesigntips


Freedom to explain my decisions

Before I implemented a design proposal, I wasn't taking the time to explain my design choices and educate my clients. I was working based off of the assumption that they trusted me and understood the decisions I was making. 

After a few too many revisions, you begin to learn that a little education goes a long way. 

With a design proposal I take the time to explain each design decision. This process instantly reassures my clients and gives them a deeper understanding of my thought process and approach.

It also ensures that I'm not misunderstanding their brand direction before I ever start designing.


Showcase my expertise

The ability to showcase my expertise to my clients is mutually beneficial. 

Showcasing my expertise through a design proposal builds trust with my clients, answers their questions and educates them on basic design principals. Having this education about their brand allows them to make smart design decisions after the project is complete.

For example, when I am sharing the color palette section of a design proposal I'm able to do more than send them a few colors swatches and wait for a yes or no. By implementing a design proposal, I have the space to explain why I chose each color, how these colors reflect their brand and teach some basic color theory. 

Why I Started Using A Design Proposal | Design proposal thoughtfully crafted by www.jordanprindledesigns.com


Expedite design approval

In order to streamline my process and help more creative women in business, I needed to find a way to expedite my clients design approval. 

Once I implemented a design proposal it helped my audience make smarter decisions, trust my choices and bypass minor hang-ups.

I utilize my design proposal as a pitch, rather than a final draft, which helps my clients move past minor imperfections that don't effect the overall design.

For example, if an inspiration board includes a picture of a coffee that has creamer and my client doesn't drink creamer in her coffee... well, she's less likely to get hung-up on this aspect. Which is beneficial to both of us, since this detail doesn't matter to the brand aesthetic. Before using a design proposal clients were more likely to worry about these details because they weren't fully educated on the use and function of an inspiration board. Now, they are!

Have you worked with a designer that provided a design proposal? What did you think of the experience? Let me know in the comments section!