Design Spotlight: Balladeer Films

I met Chris via Honeybook. He was in need of a website for his Super 8 Films business. I was immediately interested in the opportunity of working with him. But, after learning more about Super 8 Film and Chris’s passion, I was hooked.

Before I got started with this project, I researched why we are so drawn to all things vintage.

Vintage clothing has become mainstream and I can’t think of one person who doesn’t love old home movies. I believe this notion stems from nostalgia. We are able to look back in time with rose-colored glasses and idyllic ideations, that we simply can’t apply to our everyday life.

Vintage represents a sense of timelessness. Something everlasting. I believe that’s also what we strive for when we fall in love.

This idea is what I wanted to apply to Balladeer Films branding and website. Keep reading to get all the details of this latest design spotlight!

Design Spotlight Balladeer Films | A new brand and web design project completed for Balladeer Films by #squarespacedesign #branddesigner #newwebdesign

Primary Logo

Balladeer Films creates vintage wedding movies with Super 8 Film. Chris, the founder and film artist behind the brand, has a passion for capturing real moments organically, artistically and authentically through his vintage movie cameras.

With that information in mind, I got started on his primary logo.

I wanted to use a wordmark for the primary logo. A wordmark logo puts an emphasis on your typography and if you saw my last design spotlight you know I’m a lover of typefaces.

For Balladeer Films I wanted to highlight the vintage nature of Super 8 Film and the idyllic romance that the final product evokes. In order to achieve this, Chris and I decided on a textured script typeface with a slight upward rotation.  

Balladeer Films Primary Logo by Jordan Prindle | Designs


Once the primary logo was complete, I moved on to the alternate logo concepts.

The first, is a combination mark. This means it combines the primary wordmark logo with a badge. This logo also offers additional brand information which will be perfect for attracting prospective clients.

The second, is an emblem design. An emblem logo is when there is a word inside a symbol like a badge or crest. This emblem is most similar to the combination mark with the typeface and additional brand information.

Alternate Logo Concepts for Balladeer Films by Jordan Prindle | Designs


For the texture, I wanted to emphasize the vintage feel of Balladeer Films.

I utilized a vintage paper texture, placed a spotted pattern over it and viola! The Balladeer Films texture was born. I used this texture as the background of the website. I would also love to see it on a few other brand collateral items.

Texture Design for Balladeer Films by Jordan Prindle | Designs


Chris needed a simple five page website for Balladeer Films.

Just enough space to explain his business, highlight his films and offer a contact page to any interested clients.

For his website, we wanted to break a few web design norms. We used a textured site background, white canvas background and significant padding to give the website an aged feel. The true highlight of the website is the Super 8 Films that Chris created. View the full website in action, here:

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