Design Spotlight: Brand Collateral

Last week I hopped on Instagram to ask what you were more interested in reading about. How my retainer packages work or what projects I’ve completed for my retainer clients.

Well, I’m sure you can guess which one you voted for.

Obviously, you want to see all the fun brand collateral projects I’ve been working on and I’m so excited to share them!

These blog posts might be my favorite to write because I love highlighting my clients, explaining my design process and sharing the day-to-day projects I’m honored to be working on.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Design Spotlight: Brand Collateral and Retainer Clients | Today, I'm showcasing a few of my recent projects outside of my standard #logodesign packages. Check it out at #brandcollateral #branddesign


Styleheir is a online shopping experience for the versatile woman. The branding is aimed at alluring, elegant, bold, inviting, empowered, encouraging, chic and ambitious women.

I’ve been working with Styleheir since the beginning. After we completed the branding for Styleheir, we moved over to a retainer package to cover all of the additional brand design elements. A few of these projects have included: stickers, clothing and jewelry hang-tags, business cards, shopping bags and more!

Design Spotlight: Styleheir Retainer | Stickers
Styleheir hangtags light.png

The Rising Tide of Progress

The Rising Tide of Progress is a fundraiser hosted by Minnesota’s Second Congressional District DFL. This organization is made up of volunteers, my mom being one of them, from across Minnesota.

In order to promote the event, I started with creating a recognizable brand that would pair well with the CD2’s existing visual identity. From there, I was tasked with creating website graphics, invitations, save the dates and more!

Rising Tide or Progress Website Banner with Jordan Prindle Designs.jpg
CD2 Save the Date-01.png

To The Pointe Dance Academy

To The Pointe Dance Academy is a dance studio located in New Prague, MN. Over the years, we’ve worked on quite a few projects together. Growing up in dance studios, I have loved getting to partner with Angela on these type of passion projects.

For To The Pointe Dance Academy, or TTPDA, I’ve been able to create custom t-shirts for their dancers, newspaper advertisements, birthday cards and social media advertisements.

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