Design Spotlight: J & H Financial

Recently, I took on a project that was a little outside of my ideal client in terms of style and market.

Personally, I always recommend working with anyone who values your work and your time. I don't believe in turning away a client because they don't fit your aesthetic. I actually enjoy these projects as they tend to push me outside of my creative bubble. Staying within my comfort zone for too long tends to send me into a creative rut. But, that's a post for another time. 

In all honesty, this project was different in more ways than one. Not only was this project outside of my aesthetic, the client was my husband, Joey, affectionately referred to as OGJP.

Joey is a co-managing director for One Financial Network with his partner Harrison Falteisek. With his recent promotion, Joey and his partner decided to create their own sub-brand under the umbrella of One Financial Network. As you may have guessed, that brand is called J & H Financial

Today, I'm going to walk you through my process and give you a short interview from Joey. Let's get started!

Design Spotlight: J & H Financial | This entire post highlights the benefits of taking on clients and projects outside of your comfort zone. Read the full post at #branddesign #custombranding #designtips



Step 1 | In-depth questionnaire

With each new client, I give them an in-depth questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me get a better understanding of their brand, target audience and market. Although, I know a lot about Joey and his business, there is a lot that I don't fully understand or hear about over dinner. To that point, I thought it would be fun if I did something a little different and let Joey explain his work in his own words.   

quote from joey prindle.png

As a financial advisor I help people save for retirement, but I also debunk some common myths and provide general education for each of my clients. 

My process looks a little like this:

  1. We meet for an initial consultation. This allows me to know the person I'm sitting across from. I learn their goals, past experiences and tap into their level of education about the financial world and what I do. 
  2. Next, I get to know the specific details of my clients current situation so I can make a personalized plan. 
  3. Next, I show my clients their current income projections. I compare that to my personalized recommendations to help them increase their retirement income without saving any additional money.  
  4. Lastly, we implement their preferred strategy and take care of the paperwork. We also schedule review meetings on a monthly/quarterly/annual bases, depending on their personal preference and strategy.  

A common myth I run into is that you need to have a ton of money to talk with a professional like myself.  That is simply NOT true.  My philosophy is that everyone could, at a bare minimum, get some education on how to save for retirement no matter what their income is. Another myth I run into, is that if you've spoken with one advisor you can't benefit from another. This is false, because a lot of our planning is supplemental and gives additional value to each of our clients. If nothing else we can give a second opinion that will give you peace of mind knowing you are set up well for the future. 

closed quote from joey prindle.png

Joey Prindle


Step 2 | Inspiration

Next, I typically start searching for inspiration. Again, this project was a little different than my typical project as J & H Financial is a sub-brand rather than a small business. That means color palette's, fonts and general aesthetic needed to stay similar to One Financial Network's marketing and style guide. 

Luckily, I have worked on a few projects with them in the past that I had a good understanding of their style and guidelines. I pulled up a few projects I had recently completed and compiled their brand colors below.

Design Spotlight: J & H Financial | Color Palette


Step 3 | Concept Creation

I created quite a few concepts for J & H Financial, since it was a little more outside of my typical design style. Plus, Joey's my husband so he gets preferential treatment.  I wanted to balance a modern design with a trust-evoking, established and professional aesthetic. 

Joey and Harrison mentioned from the beginning that they wanted a logo that accented the ampersand but still provided versatility for multiple marketing efforts. With that in mind I had a good guess of what their preference would be and I was right. 

Design Spotlight: J & H Financial | Primary Logo


Step 4 | Finalizing the Details

Once the primary logo design was selected it was easy to create a secondary logo and round out the marketing efforts. For the secondary logo, we wanted something that provided the versatility for a favicon, social media profile image or stamp/sticker. I believe the below concept fits those requirements and further promotes the overall brand.

Design Spotlight: J & H Financial | Secondary Logo

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