Design Spotlight: Silk Fragrances and Co.

I am currently working on the rebrand for a corporate company. If you’ve taken a look around my website, you might realize that corporate clients aren’t exactly my bread and butter.

To compensate for my lack of corporate love, I decided to dream up a client that would better fit my #aesthetic.

Silk Fragrances and Co. was born.

Silk Fragrances is a high-end all natural and organic fragrance company. They believe smelling beautiful doesn’t require toxic chemicals and pollutants, just a little intention and love.

Primary logo

For the primary logo, I created a combination logo that consists of a stacked wordmark and lettermark.

Because this logo is so type heavy, I wanted to ensure the design was truly unique. For the wordmark I customized the kerning and tracking.

For the lettermark, I layered the S+F of Silk Fragrances and Co. and played with the positioning until it felt balanced. Then, I extended the strike-through of the F until it blended seamlessly into the S. From there, I created into one vector shape to ensure easy application.

Silk Fragrances and Co. Style Guide_Primary Logo.png

Alternate logos

Due to the primary logo being a combination logo, it was easy to create alternate logos for the brand. I simply broke apart the wordmark and lettermark and had two immediate alternate logos.

In order to provide a little bit more brand diversity, I also created a third alternate logo. This circular logo offers more flexibility of brand application. I think it would look great on packaging, stickers or seals and the business card.

Silk Fragrances and Co. Style Guide_Alternate Logos.png

Pattern design

For the pattern, I wanted to create something that felt truly luxurious.

Since the alternate logos provide a lot of circular shape, I wanted to balance that with a rectangular pattern. This provides a little more diversity and visual interest.

Silk Fragrances and Co. Style Guide_Brand Collateral.png

Application design

For the application design, I created a business card.

I kept the information simple and let the branding be the primary focus. I utilized the primary logo as the front and center attention-grabber on the front of the business card. I displayed all the necessary information at the bottom and rounded out the design with an alternate logo at the top. On the back of the business card I utilized the pattern design to give it a pop of color and visual interest.

Silk Fragrances and Co. Style Guide_Application.png

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