Design Spotlight: Studio 62

Another day, another exciting design project.

Studio 62 is a photography business that sells high-end stock photos. They target creative women in business that don't have the time or skill set to take branded photos. Studio 62 has a different approach from most stock photo studios. Studio 62 solely works on a retainer basis for their clients. This means each stock photo is curated specifically for their clients brand rather than the masses.

If you stopped by yesterday, you may have read about my client process. If not, feel free to check it out to understand a little more of the details that went into streamlining this creative process.

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Powerful and elegant color palette for Studio 62


For this project, I was excited to play with a more adventurous, in minimalist standards, color palette. Since Studio 62's brand will focus heavily on the photos they take for their audience we didn't want the colors to be too overpowering. We incorporated purples and blues to evoke a creative, magical and welcoming brand presence.

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After colors were decided I sketched out a few ideas, played with layouts and accents. I brought the best ideas into Adobe Illustrator and finalized them for rough drafts. Rough drafts and revisions later we landed on the logo seen below.  During this stage we also finalized font pairings and brand rules.

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Studio 62 Primary Logo Design

In the end, Studio 62 ended up with a brand that spoke to the creativity of their business and evoked a modern authority that spoke to their twist on the stock photo business. What do you like about the design? Let me know in the comments!


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Studio 62 is a fictional client