Design Spotlight: Styleheir

When Olivia first contacted me requesting a fresh brand design for Styleheir, I knew we would be the perfect fit. Her dream of creating a brand for her online shopping experience for the versatile woman, was a business I could easily see myself enjoying.

Before the 2-week design process began, I asked Olivia to complete an in-depth questionnaire to gain a better understanding of what she wanted to portray through her new brand.

One of the questions I learned the most from was the 10 adjectives that best describes her business and ideal client. Alluring, elegant, bold, inviting, empowered, encouraging, chic and ambitious were just a few of the words that Olivia chose.

So how did I take those words and translate them visually into a brand? Keep reading!



Step 1 | Pinterest Collaboration and Inspiration Board

When I started working with Olivia, we began by collaborating on a secret Pinterest board. We pinned images that represented what her ideal client would be looking for. 

We looked for statement pieces that paired well with the classic must-haves. We searched for editorial-inspired images and neutral tones and colors. In the end, I think we crafted the perfect mix to best represent her brand and attract her ideal audience. 

Design Spotlight | Inspiration Board for Styleheir

Step 2 | Initial Concepts

From there, I came up with three separate logo concepts.

The first was the edgiest, with a modern sans serif font and bold strike through the text. I was drawn to the high-fashion aesthetic that the first logo concept created and could easily visualize this logo in use. The second logo was the simplest playing with a italic and regular style of the same font. This concept also felt the most inviting and approachable. The third option was a little more classically-inspired, with the strong serif font and increased tracking. 

Design Spotlight | Initial Concepts for Styleheir


Step 3 | Revisions

Olivia took some time to review each option and weigh them against her brand adjectives. From my perspective, the first concept was the most trendy and fashion-forward of the group. The second was the friendliest and most approachable. The last concept was the most classic and timeless design of the group. 

In the end, we agreed on option one. We both appreciated the simplicity of the first concept, while it still remained elegant and bold. From there we created color guidelines and best practices. 


Step 4 | Additional brand elements

Once the primary logo was how we wanted it, we moved onto the secondary logo. This time, I created four concepts. 

The first was the most similar to the primary logo, with a modern sans serif font and bold strike through the text. The second logo was the simplest playing with a italic font and a simple circular element. The third option also played with a doubled circular element and established date. The final option utilized the bold strike in a simpler way and stacked the letters. This concept reminded me the most of a clothing tag, so I was particularly drawn to it. 

Design Spotlight: Styleheir secondary logo concepts



Olivia took some time to review each option once again.  In the end, we agreed on option .

From there I finalized the style guide, perfected the Adobe Illustrator files and packaged everything for delivery. Working with Olivia was an amazing opportunity and I was a little sad when the project came to an end, as I always am. Styleheir was a brand I was easily drawn to and I tend to have the most fun designing for these projects!

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