Design Spotlight: The Body Cafe

To kick off 2018 I want to give a design spotlight to The Body Cafe. This is a project I worked on a year or two ago, that I haven't yet shared on this platform. Although this is a few years old and I feel that my design skill and aesthetic has grown and adapted since then, it's fun to look back and we continue to move forward. 

Writing this post reminded me of how far I have already come and gives me hope of how far I can continue to go. Cheers to 2018 and all the possibilities it holds. 


The Body Cafe Logo Secondary.png


Step 1 | Research

I worked with Mel from The Body Cafe to create her customized logo design. The Body Cafe is a natural bath and beauty products company. When Mel came to me for help with her logo design she knew she wanted a modern, black and white logo that could easily be applied to the packaging of her products.

As always, I went to Pinterest to get inspired. As I mentioned above this was a few years ago, so I don't still have a snapshot of what I was scrolling through on Pinterest at that time, but I assume it was something similar to this, if not a little less modern.

JP Designs Spotlight: The Body Cafe Pinterest inspiration


Step 2 | Inspiration

Once I started my research I knew I wanted to play off the company name: The Body Cafe. I have a passion for coffee and coffee inspired branding. So, it was easy for me to get inspired in this realm.

I played around with a few ideas and bounced them off of Mel until we found something that fit perfectly. I wanted to play with the circular logo that was just getting popular at the time (and is now vastly overused, as they say hindsight is 20/20).

I decided on a circular concept for a few reasons: firstly, it would go well with her packaging and secondly, I wanted to incorporate a high-end coffee ring aesthetic into the logo design.


Step 3 | Final Concept

In the end we found the perfect fit. 

body cafe portfolio.png


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