Design Spotlight: To The Pointe Dance Academy

To The Pointe Dance Academy is a dance studio located in New Prague, MN. (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peak of this project.) I was thrilled to partner with To The Pointe Dance Academy, again, on their latest design project: Social media ads. 

I grew up dancing in studios just like TTPDA's and it brought back so many memories. I love partnering with To The Pointe Dance Academy to grow their business and expand their reach. In the past I've created their business cards, t-shirts, newspaper ads, birthday cards and now social media ads!

Let's dive in on the project details. 



Angela, the Owner of TTPDA, emailed me a few weeks ago to request social media advertisements. Her goal was to promote her new class schedule for 2018 to her Facebook and Instagram followers.

Since Angela is a client I work together consistently our onboarding process is minimal. We don't complete an inspiration board or fill out questionnaires. As mentioned above, we've done a lot of projects together, so it is unnecessary at this point. 


Step 1 | Gather Information

To begin the project, I wanted to know all of the necessities in regards to class information and ideal outcome.

I started with gathering the class information: class names, start and end times, duration of season, recommended class ages, etc.

Once I knew all of the information regarding the classes themselves, I worked on gathering the call-to-action goals. Basically, where and how parents could register their children.


Step 2 | Decide Hierarchy 

To decide the graphics hierarchy, I needed to decipher what information was most important. At a glance, what information should the viewer retain. 

This allows me to weed out the information that isn't essential. For example, what can I include in the caption, rather than the graphic. Once hierarchy is implemented I can begin playing with general layouts, styles and typography. Since, I have worked with TTPDA in the past, this process moved quickly. I know their brand aesthetic, guidelines and general taste. 

I created a few rough drafts for Angela and emailed her my ideas. View one of the concepts below.

To The Pointe Dance Academy | Acro Dance Class Social Media Advertisement


Step 3 | Finalizing Concepts

Angela and I both liked the style and general aesthetic above, but we decided to move in a direction that was more eye-catching. I began brainstorming ways to make the image more dynamic than the traditional layout above. I also wanted to furtherand further reinforce hierarchy.

View our final concept below:

To The Pointe Dance Academy | Acro Dance Class Social Media Ad Final


Are you in need of a designer for your latest project? Email me to discuss your ideas, I would love to collaborate with you!