Design Spotlight: Union Weddings and Events

I recently decided to create a project that spoke to the heart of my ideal clients.

I wanted to combine quality custom typography, a luxurious color palette and a touch of whimsy into one brand. I knew it would be no small undertaking, but the end product of Union Weddings and Events highlights just how magical the possibilities could be.

In this post, I’m going to share my process and the uniqueness of this brand.

Let’s get started!

Brand Design for Union Weddings and Events | A recent design spotlight at my brand essentials package for a #wedding and #events business. View at #logo #logodesigner #branding #branddesign

Primary Logo

This primary logo design plays heavily on a little bit of custom typography.

Union is dedicated to serving brides and grooms with their event center. They believe in more than a wedding, but a marriage and the uniting of two families.

When I started designing this logo, I wanted to play on the connection of the UNI in Union and the “You and I” joining together in marriage. It not only highlights the purpose behind the brand, but it creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind logo.

Union Weddings and Events | Primary Logo | Custom Logo Designed by #logodesign #logovariations #logodesign

Logo Variations

Once the primary logo was complete, I moved on to the alternate logo concepts.

For the alternate logos, I wanted to provide two unique options.

The first, a simplified version of their primary logo.Union standing on it’s own reinforces the brand and still provides a little more flexibility for application purposes.

For the second logo, I wanted to go in a slightly different direction. I used the tagline font from the primary logo to create these playful favicons. These favicons offer Union both flexibility and diversity.

Union Weddings and Events | Logo Variations | Custom brand design created by #logodesign #custombranding #alternatelogo

Brand Collateral

Once the logos were complete, I moved on to the brand collateral.

As with each Brand Essential Package, I started this phase with a custom pattern design. A custom pattern can be used on so many aspects of a brand, that I always tackle it after the logos are complete.

When I began playing with concepts, I knew the unique shape of the U in the favicon could be used to my advantage. So, I played with a few different layouts, colors and styles and finally landed on the perfect brand pattern.

Union Weddings and Events | Custom Pattern Design | Pattern design created by #branding #logo #patterndesign

With my Brand Essentials Package you can choose one print design, which may include a business card, media kit, flyer, or anything else you can imagine. Union decided on business cards.

I knew I wanted to use the pattern on the business cards, since I am officially obsessed with it. On the back side of the business card, I decided to use the primary logo since most people may not know about Unions Weddings and Events on first meeting. Next, I added the business card information, a logo variation at the top and balanced it all with a line down the middle.

Union Weddings and Events | Business Card | Custom Business Card Design by #businesscards #logodesign #branddesign

Working on this project was such a treat. Combining the formal with the whimsical seemed tricky at first, but the dark green hue really pulled it all together to create a one-of-a-kind brand!

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