5 Ways to Find Clarity in Your Business

In order to run a successful business, speak directly to your target audience or deliver a concise and consistent message… you first need to find clarity.

Clarity, although it may seem like a simple concept, is actually incredibly challenging to achieve.

There is no right or wrong way to find clarity in your business, but when I feel most out of alignment, these are five of the tried and true methods that have helped me to return to clarity.

You may notice in this blog post, a lot of these methods are about taking a step back. I have noticed we find ourselves the most out of alignment the more we stretch ourselves thin or push ourselves to edge of burnout.

I hope this post helps you take a step back and realign yourself and your business in one core mission.

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Mission Statement

A mission statement is a few sentences that express the purpose, identify the goal, describe products and/or services and highlights the target audience of a business.

In other terms, it’s a sentence or two that describes the why, the how and the who of your business.

Whenever I feel a little unclear on the driving force behind my business, I revisit my mission statement. Essentially, I get back to the roots of my business and rid my mind of any of the clutter that may have seeped in.

Coffee Date

One thing that helps me find the most clarity, is talking with fellow creative business owners.

It’s easy to lose sight of reality when following so many amazing business owners online. It can make you feel overwhelmed and under-qualified, but speaking with a real person (even virtually) can make a big difference in taking some of the glamour out of the Instagram highlight reel.

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Social Media Break

I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with social media, especially Instagram.

Instagram can be really harmful to our business clarity. It can make us question ourselves, our choices, our abilities, our progress, our path… when I notice I’m getting a little stuck in the comparison game, I stop scrolling.

I schedule all of my Instagram content, so logging into the app isn’t a requirement. When I start feeling a little lost, I take a little break to allow me the time and space to reconnect with a few truths I know about myself, my business and my mission.

Take a Break

There will be times in your business when you can no longer see the end goal. This can come from juggling too many ideas, chasing someone else’s idea of success or feelings of inadequacy.

When I feel the most lost for clarity, I take a step back from my business. As a creative business owner, burnout is always lurking around the corner. Taking a step back allows me time to recharge and refocus on the core mission of my business.


Finally, I indulge in a little self-love practice.

I don’t have any specific self-love practices or rituals, although I love the idea of that, I just do something a little extra kind to myself when needed.

My self-love can include anything or nothing from this list:

  • Yoga

  • Meditate

  • Home spa day

  • Tarot

  • Phone-free day

  • Netflix

  • Sit outside

  • Read

Putting just a little bit of intention into reconnecting with myself the person, can allow a lot of space to reconnect with my business and core mission.

What do you do when you need a little clarity in your business? Share your tips with us below!