How To Find Your Brand Tribe

Each creative entrepreneur has one goal in common, finding their tribe. 

Your tribe is the group of people that supports your business. This can be as obvious as your target audience. But, it can also include support from your peers and competitors. 

Today, I'm going to share with you a few key tips to finding your tribe. Tomorrow, I'm going to share with you how to grow your tribe. But, more on that later. Today, we're going to research our current audience, intentionally utilize our branding and get creative with our social media strategy. Let's get started!

How to Find Your Brands Tribe | Part one of a two part series brings you 8 helpful tips to finding your creative business tribe. Research your audience, be intentional with your brand and creatively utilize social media. Read all my tips at


Understand your existing audience

The easiest place to start when attempting to find your tribe is to investigate your existing audience. Even if this audience is small, it's important to understand who is naturally attracted to your business and brand. To better understand this market we are going to research their demographics and psychographics. We'll analyze why they are followers but not lovers and brainstorm ways to naturally grow this market.


1 | Research your current audiences demographics and psychographics

Let's start be researching the demographics. Demographics are the measurable traits like age, location, gender, income, education, occupation, ethnicity, etc. This can easily be found through your website analytics, Google analytics or even your social media insights and analytics. Just jot down this information and ensure that it aligns with your target audience.

Next, let's research the psychographics. Psychographics are the immeasurable traits like personality, values, hobbies, lifestyle, behavior, etc. Think of what your brand attracts, are they bubbly and outgoing or shy and reserved. Are you attracting people who value community and giving back or are their priorities elsewhere? What energy are you already putting out into the world and what type of person would be attracted to that? Jot down this information as well.

It's important to get a good baseline of your existing audience. Once you have a better understanding of your natural market, you can begin understanding how to find similar personalities.


2 | Analyze best performing content

The most important part about creating a brand tribe is going beyond an audience, client or customer. A tribe is deeper than people signing up for your newsletter, it's about creating engagement and community. To start expanding your natural market, we need to analyze why your audience is getting stuck in the "audience phase". 

A few methods for analyzing your audience is through: popular blog content, social media engagement and newsletter retention.

What is your most popular blog post(s)? Review this blog post for topic, call-to-actions and share rates. Something about this post is naturally interesting to your audience. Consider how you can expand upon this. What additional information and resources can you offer your audience to grow this reach?

If you don't have a blog or a popular blog post, investigate your social media engagement. What posts get your audience talking and engaging? Are you asking them questions they feel comfortable answering? Maybe you're inspiring them with your insights. Investigate how you can continue growing this engagement. 

Lastly, review your newsletter retention. Which newsletters are getting clicks, open rates or responses. Compare them to the ones that have low ratings. Analyze what you can do to improve in this area, similarily to the options above. 


3 | Grow your natural market

It's important to grow upon this natural market to find potential tribe members. 

Your tribe members will already exist within your natural market, they just aren't bonded to your brand yet. In order to grow this bond you need to continue offering content they find useful. 

A few tips to grow this natural market would include fostering engagement through your social media accounts, blog posts and newsletters. Ask them questions and respond to their emails and comments whenever possible. A tribe requires two-way communication.

It's also important to include a call-to-action in your blog posts, website and social media accounts. People are lazy so unless you tell them what you want them to do, they are unlikely to do it. Ask them to comment, share or sign-up for your newsletter. Make it easy on your audience to grow into your tribe.



Be intentional with your brand

A tribe grows around a person or brand, but only when you are intentionally fostering a brand. Growing a tribe around your brand is bigger than building a customer base. A tribe is a support system, community and friendship that feels a personal connection to you and your brand. 


1 |  Create a distinct brand voice

A brand voice is the purposeful choice of words that represent your brand and business. This means, the way you write blog posts, captions and respond to emails is all categorized under your brand voice. More importantly it's how you choose to communicate with your tribe. Intentionally welcoming your tribe into your community is a big factor in creating a distinct brand voice. 

When I am talking about my services, I clearly state that I serve creative women in business, because that's my tribe. Clearly call out the people that fit into your tribe and they will feel more welcomed and connected.


2 | Focus on accessibility

This tip may be the most obvious and the most important tip I can possibly give you. If you want to find your tribe, you need to be where they are. If they are lovers of Instagram, you need to be there. If they frequent trade shows and exhibits, you need to be there. 

It's your job, as a brand and creative entrepreneur, to make it as easy for your audience as possible to find you. It's your responsibility to be easily accessible to them when they need you. 

Look back through the psychographics and demographics to get a better idea of where they would spend their time. For example, brides may be flipping through magazines, attending bridal expos or pinning inspiration like crazy. Brainstorm creative ways you can get in front of them and offer your expertise. 


Creatively use social media

Finding your tribe is no easy task. But, it gets a lot easier if you can creatively utilize your social media accounts.

Not only does using social media help you market your business and get you in front of potential clients, but you can learn from your tribe, share meaningful content and create a real community around your brand. 


1 | Follow your ideal clients

First and foremost, especially for Instagram, you need to be following your ideal clients. This is true for a few reasons.

One, if you are following your ideal clients they may follow you back. I'm not encouraging following and unfollowing people to grow your audience - that's spam. I want you to genuinely show interest in your ideal client. This genuine interest creates a two-way bond and leads me into reason number two.

Two, there is endless educational opportunities from following your ideal clients. There is no better way to learn more about your ideal clients than to follow them online. Your tribe will share their goals, interests, hobbies and struggles. The knowledge you can gain from your target audience from simply listening and following along with them is infinite. 


2 | Share the content they care about

Once you start to learn more about your ideal clients hobbies, interests and struggles you are able to meet their needs in unique ways. You have insider information from following them directly - use it!

This content doesn't need to stay on social media, but it should be frequently shared there. For example, blog posts to answer their questions, workshops that guide them through challenges and services that fill all the gaps of the competition. 


3 | Demonstrate authenticity and transparency

Social media accounts are one of the best ways to find and grow a tribe around your brand because it gives you the opportunity to show your personality and expertise.

One of the easiest ways to do this is getting your face in front of your audience. It immediately creates a stronger connection by humanizing you. Some easy ways to attract your tribe is sharing video content of behind-the-scenes of your business, a how-to or tutorial and videos explaining the story your finished projects.

Show yourself, flaws and all, and people will be drawn to you.



Now that you know a little big more about how you can begin finding your tribe. Tomorrow, I'm going to share with you how you can grow your tribe. Stay tuned!

What about this process surprised you? What will you implement first? Tell me about it in the comments!