5 Graphic Design Resources all Creative Entrepreneurs Should Utilize

Picture this, you're writing a blog post and realize you haven't created your graphic yet. What do you do?

Spend hours nitpicking with design software you just don't understand. Maybe you're spending countless dollars on the perfect image or graphic. You might even be scrolling through pages and pages of fonts trying to find the right one. 

As creative entrepreneurs we often feel the need to do ALL THE THINGS.

When we're new to business we can't afford help, so we often do actually need to do all the things... but that doesn't mean we can't get a little help.

Today, I'm going to talk about five graphic design resources all creative entrepreneurs should be utilizing. 

5 Graphic Design Resources all Creative Entrepreneurs Should be Utilizing | This blog posts will help you stop wasting time and start creating the beautiful graphics your blog or business needs



1 | Canva

Canva is a platform that allows people of all skill levelsdesign content for their business, life and everything in between. Although, I'm a designer and I always think it's best to use a designer for your business, I'm also a realist and understand that's just not an option for everyone. 

Canva is great to get your graphics in order, on brand and launch your business forward. They provide templates, color palettes, shapes and fun typography with an easy drag-and-drop set-up.


2 | Google Fonts

There are numerous font websites and I could talk about almost all of them - but today I'm only going to talk about one.

Google fonts is one of my favorite font websites because all the fonts are free for commercial use, they are optimized for the web and aid in site speed. I also want to mention that the fonts are beautiful and expertly designed. Google Fonts also lets you divide the fonts by category, languages, style and more.


3 | Creative Market

Creative Market* may be one of my favorite resources on this list. This platform is filled with handcrafted design content from creative entrepreneurs just like you. 

Creative Market's number one mission is to make design simple and accessible for everyone - even those that aren't tech-friendly. Plus, you're supporting your fellow entrepreneurs which is always something to feel good about!

*This is an affiliate link - which means I may make some money if you decide to purchase anything through this link. Thanks!


4 | Pexels

All creative entreprenuers need stock photos. But, not everyone can afford a professional photographer, or Adobe Stock subscription, so I like to recommend Pexels. 

Pexels is a great resource for free commercial licensed photos. They offer a wide variety of photos, an easy to use search box plus a Chrome extension and Photoshop plugin that make working with the photos as easy as possible. 

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5 | The Vault

Guess who's plugging her own resource? It's me.

Although, plugging my own resource quite literally makes me cringe... I'm going to do it anyway for one very important reason, the diversity that this resource offers. The Vault is a subscription-based resource that provides everything from social media graphics to templates to swipe emails and so much more. 


What are your favorite graphic design resources? Let me know in the comments section!