How I’ve Grown My Email List by 46% In Just One Month

On Instagram, I shared a little win about how I grew my newsletter by 46% in just one month.

While I was there, I was asked to share how I did it, so today I’m giving you all the details. From things that worked, things you might not expect and things that made the biggest difference - I’m sharing them all.

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How I Grew My Email Subscribers by 46% in Just One Month | I went from a stagnant list to a booming newsletter with just five simple changes. Check them out, here: #emaillist #businesstips #growyouremaillist

I Promoted My Email List

I started off by cross-promoting my email list on my other social platforms.

I think this may be the most often overlooked step when wanting to build anything. We assume people follow us everywhere or that they know about all the different things we have. They don’t. Not unless we tell them.

So, I told people who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when I was planning to send out an email. I’d hint at what the content would be and tell them what they could expect from me when choosing to sign-up.

By simply informing people who were already following me I had more people signing-up for my email list.

I sent more emails

Before January, I didn’t think much of my email list. I knew I should have one and that it had a lot of potential. But, it’s hard to prioritize it when you have so many things you should be doing.

We all have that never-ending list of should’s, but I’m telling you to put your email list at the top. It’s the only way you can go directly to your audience instead of hopping them come to you.

I want to clarify I am 100% not judging you if you haven’t or can’t get to your email list. Before January I attempted to send an email every two weeks. But, when I sat down and thought about it, it was more like once a month at best. So, I’m right there with you.

But, if you want to start prioritizing growing your email list, you’ve got to start sending emails. Now, I attempt to send one every week. This hasn’t worked perfectly, but I’ve made huge strides

I created a welcome sequence

The next thing I did was create a welcome sequence.

A welcome sequence is a few emails you send to new subscribers after they sign-up. This might include links to your resource library, an introduction to your company or brand, it could include discounts or helpful blog posts. It’s really up to you and what you think your audience would benefit from most.

Mine is just two emails. But, I know people who have 6 month sequences.

Although, this wasn’t the biggest update I made in bringing new subscribers it has been a game-changer for my mentality and the connection I have with my audience.

Every week I get at least one email from someone who went through the welcome sequence and wanted to share their business, passion and what they hope to learn from me.

It has really created a strong community feel in my list that I personally can’t get over.

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I updated old blog posts to include email opt-ins

These last two changes have made the biggest difference.

I didn’t want to create a lot of useless free resources that didn’t actually benefit my audience. Instead I wanted to promote a few high-quality resources I had on multiple blog posts.

So, I went into my Google Analytics and looked through my most popular blog posts and thought about which free resource best complimented that post and added it.

This has been a big help to growing my email list and nurturing those older posts that still bring in a lot of readers. It’s a win-win.

I put an opt-in for my emails in my announcement bar

Finally, my biggest switch-up and helper was putting an opt-in in the announcement bar of my website.

I used to put a call-to-action to drive my services, but it wasn’t effective. So, I decided to promote my free content in the announcement bar instead.

This allows me to nurture my first-time readers, capture their emails and continue the relationship.

This is something that I updated twice during January. But, I don’t expect to update it quite as frequently moving forward.

In the beginning of the month, I was promoting my free goal-setting guide because I knew people would be in that goal-setting mindset in the beginning of a new year. But, after a few weeks passed, I switched it over to my 12 Steps to Design Your Brand Workbook to get more of my potential clients on the list.

Which one of these methods will you implement first? Let me know in the comments!