5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer

There are a lot of things I'm passionate about as a small business owner, but design is (of course) my number one. 

As a designer, I was lucky when I first launched my business. From the very first day, I looked professional, inviting and knew exactly how to attract my ideal clients. But, if you aren't a designer, this can be a lot more difficult. 

You have enough to juggle with answering emails, networking and running a business. Quit worrying about the design and get back to growing your business!

Keep reading to find out the 5 reasons I think every small business owner needs to hire a professional designer. 

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1 | You will save time and money long-term

If you've began looking for a graphic designer, you may have found that the prices range drastically. 

You could buy a $10 logo or a $10,000 logo. 

These prices range for a few reasons. But, the most important reason to consider is the quality of the designer you want to hire. Designers factor in their time, experience and unique value in order to price their services. 

Although, it may seem smart to start your business with the $10 logo. It often means you're brand will be identical to other small business owners or it just won't quite fit your business. That means, you're going to have to continue to purchase logo's and other design elements again and again. 

This leads to spending a lot of time and money on trying to force a brand to fit your business, rather than creating a brand around your business. 


2 | Your brand will reflect your mission and vision

If you've ever considered hiring a designer, you've probably looked through a few sales pages and packages. 

These packages often list "client homework", "brand discovery" or "client questionnaire". This is how designers get to know your business, your mission and your vision. 

When you hire a quality designer, they dedicate the time to learning about your business, rather than creating a one-size-fits-all solution. This ensures your brand reflects your business, rather than just highlighting a trendy logo or modern color palette. Not to mention, this will begin attracting your ideal clients from the start!


3 | Every detail will be considered

If you've attempted to DIY your brand, you probably know just how hard it is.

You need to create a logo, logo variations, primary color palettes and secondary color palettes, font combinations, brand patterns.... oh and don't forget the brand collateral. Things like social media graphics, business cards and media kits.

The list goes on and on!

But, when you hire a designer, they're able to streamline this entire process. It's what they do. Instead of spending months on your brand in hopes of it being "right", you can hire a designer and get back to growing your business.


4 | You can increase leads and sales

A professional designer knows how to design a brand that attracts your target audience. 

Think of your dream client. The one who values your work, expertise and never complains about your prices. A well-designed brand can ensure those dreamy clients are always finding you. Allowing you to charge what you're worth and increase your sales. 

Plus, when you have a brand that looks professional, trustworthy and inviting your business will grow with ease. There is no bigger turnoff for potential clients than hard to use or misleading design. 


5 | Your brand can reflect the quality of your business

As a small business owner, you pour your heart and soul into your business. 

Each word is agonized over, emails are written and rewritten and your brand is carefully represented. Imagine having a brand that perfectly represnets your business, attracts your target audience and highlights what makes you unique. 

That's the power of hiring a professional designer. 

You are your business and you know it better than anyone. But, an outsider can help you translate your message into graphics, highlight aspects of your business you didn't think of and combine their knowledge of design theory and practice into a brand that pushes your business forward. 

Have you hired a professional designer before? What's keeping you on the fence? Let me know in the comments!