How to Hire the Right Designer for Your Creative Business

Your business's visual identity is the first impression you make with prospective clients. It tells them what you do, who you help and shares a little bit about your personality.

That makes it extremely important to make the best first impression possible.

That puts a lot of pressure on you to find the right designer for your creative business. Hiring the right designer gives you the opportunity to make more money, build relationships and grow your business. 

I'm sure I've thoroughly stressed you out, but don't worry, I have a few tips to share that will make the process a little easier.


How to Hire the Right Designer for Your Creative Business


A portfolio you love

When you first find a designer I'm sure you immediately jump over to their portfolio.

The immediate reaction you have to this will tell you a lot. Do you love it? Scroll through and click through each one to learn more about the project? 

Or, do you feel a little less than impressed.

If their portfolio doesn't match your aesthetic, doesn't excite you or leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed you should probably keep looking. 


They transparently share their design process

You've found a few designers that work inspires you and gets you excited. Now, how do you narrow it down from there?

Look if they have a blog, or if their portfolio details their design process. A designer who can transparently share their client process is someone who has experience. This sets apart first timers and established designers.

This isn't to knock first timers, everyone starts at the beginning. But, you may not want to work with someone who isn't sure of their own process. Even if a designer hasn't worked with a client before, they should know how this process runs and how they tend to create new work. 


They are Knowledgeable about their field

Again, I recommend checking if they have a blog.

A blog is helpful in countless ways for your business. It also gives you a peak into their personality, client process (as I mentioned above) and knowledge of their field.

When hiring a designer you want to find someone who is passionate about what they do. If they are passionate they are always wanting to learn more and spread the information around. Look for someone that has those qualities.


You "click"

You are slowly narrowing down your designers. You have just a few left, but one of them really shines. You feel a connection and each email makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

When you find someone you can connect with in business - jump at it. 

Not only will this ensure the design process runs smoothly but it allows room for the possible of a long-term relationship. You could create a partnership with this person or become a long-term client. 

Don't underestimate chemistry!


They use words you understand

When a designer is using excessive amounts of industry lingo, this can show a sense of insecurity or know it all syndrome

Don't get me wrong, there are probably a few words you won't understand. The designer is an expert in their field and sometimes we forget that the people around us aren't obsessed with color theory, kerning and inspiration boards. 

But, if they can't meet you at your level of understanding, I would move on to a new designer. This can lead miscommunication's about project scope, details or design errors and possibly add additional expenses to your final invoice. 

Have you recently hired a designer? What tips would you have!