How I Conduct Brand Audits

A brand audit is an examination of a business in it’s current state. It takes a thorough look at your brand’s visual, verbal and experiential aspects and finds places of improvement.

As a brand designer, I often conduct brand audits for those who don’t need a complete re-brand but rather just a refresh. My brand audits include everything from first impressions to market research to actionable steps for your business.

Take a look at how I conduct brand audit and reach out to me to receive one of your own!

How I Conduct Brand Audits | How to improve your brand with my step-by-step approach. Learn my process to improving your brand at #brandtips #branding #brandaudit

Step 1 | Initial Review

I begin each brand audit with an initial review.

At this stage, I try to know as little as possible about the client. This helps me view their website from the eyes of a potential client/customer. I’m learning about their brand the same way their target audience would. This helps me to notice what important information is missing or could be improved. For instance, clearly defining who you are, who you serve or why I should choose you.

I also look for improvements as a designer. This typically includes a few basic tweaks that could improve the overall user experience, with minimal effort put on the client. This ranges from 404 Errors to overwhelming colors/graphics.

Throughout this stage, I’m taking extensive notes.

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Step 2 | Client Questionnaire + Research

Before I begin my brand audit, I send my client a questionnaire.

This questionnaire is similar to the one I send to each of my design clients. It helps me understand your target audience, your market, your unique approach and more.

During this step, I’m also doing my own research into your “competition” and industry. This step is really beneficial to my clients. For instance, if I notice most people in that industry are using a similar color palette, that gives me reason to take a deeper look into the color palette you are using and provide feedback.

Again, I’m taking extensive notes throughout this phase.

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Step 3 | Informed Review

Now that I have reviewed my client’s questionnaire and conducted some research, I’m ready to make an informed review.

This review walks me through the same steps as I took previously, only now I know the details behind the brand. Understanding the client’s business and unique qualities, I begin looking through the brand and website. I take notes for where your brand is authentically shining through and where some improvements can be made.

Step 4 | Create Action Plan

Finally, I combine all my notes and ideas into an action plan.

In this action plan, I provide steps for implementing my ideas for improvement and helpful resources to assist you in accomplishing each step. This could include something small like minimizing font selection or something significant like re-writing your about page.

Each action plan is completely custom and provides steps, resources and encouragement to give your brand the face-lift it deserves.

Are you interested in receiving a brand audit for your business? Reach out to me via email at to research your spot!