How to Conduct a Mid-Year Goal Audit

New Years is long over and those goals you had set at the beginning of the year…. Who even remembers those?

But, imagine with me for just a minute that you hadn’t given up on those goals. What if you had stayed committed? What if you had made progress towards them?

Where would you be now? What would your business look like today if you had stayed on those goals?

I use my goal-setting guide religiously in order to stay on top of my goals down to a weekly basis.

It helps me stay on track, even months after I originally set the goal. In order to stay accountable to your goals in the same way, you need to audit your goals.

Today, I’m going to show you how.

How to Conduct a Mid-Year Goal Audit | This practice helps me stay accountable to my business goals and see what patterns are leading me to business setbacks. Read how at #businessgoals #businesstips #businessmentor

Pull Out Your Goal-Setting Guide

If you are using my free goal-setting guide, you should have had one big goal for the year, that you had broken down into actionable steps to be completed throughout the year.

Don’t have one yet, get it right here.

If you aren’t using my guide, no worries, just think back to what your goals were at the beginning of the year.

Now that you have your goals in front of you let’s examine where you are within reaching those goals.

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Examine Your Goals

For easiness, let’s examine your goals for Q1 first.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Was the goal completed? Yes or no.

  2. If no, did you make strides towards reaching your goal? Yes or no.

  3. If no, what stopped you from making progress towards that goal? Was it you or something outside of your control?

Take notes of these questions and be honest with yourself. Auditing your goals can sting a little, but without auditing your progress you aren’t ever going to make any progress. So, be honest with what’s standing in your way, even if it’s you.

Once you’ve done this for your first goal, continue through the rest of your goals asking the same questions.

Review Your Notes

Now that you have looked through each of your goals individually, take note of any patterns that are coming up.

Consider things like:

  • Where did I make the most progress?

  • Where did I make the least?

  • What continuously undermined my success?

  • Was this within my control?

  • What can I learn from these setbacks?

  • How can I apply this knowledge moving forward?

No matter what goals you set, you’re likely to have not accomplished one of them. That isn’t a bad thing. What is bad is not learning from that set back.

Really dedicate some time to examining yourself, your business and your mindset around goal-setting.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for January 1st to set a new goal or chase a new dream. You can start today. What are you working on today to set yourself up for next year? Share your goals with me in the comments!