3 Reasons Why You Should Never Conduct Your Own Brand Audit

You know your business needs a brand to succeed. You even know you need a business strategy, a well designed website and a stellar client experience. 

But, what is a brand audit and why do you need one?

A brand audit is conducted to gain understanding of your brand in it's current state. Sounds easy enough, right?

Understanding what a brand audit is the easy party. Conducting a brand audit is a lot harder, especially when you're conducting one on your own brand. 

3 reasons why you should never conduct your own brand audit



You're too close. 

Perspective is the number one hang-up with all DIY projects. You don't have the same perspective an outsider or professional would have. A professional is able to view your brand analytically, strategically and without bias. When you are invested in your brand, as all entrepreneur's are, you have trouble taking a step back and separating out your preferences versus what your audience would prefer. 

More importantly you're lacking the education that a brand auditor is equipped with. For example, color theory, font pairing or the importance of hierarchy. That's just the design category of a brand audit. You may also be missing the education behind brand strategy and function.  

Is your website saying what you think it is?

This web design audit will guide you through examining your current website through the eyes of your ideal client to ensure you're communicating exactly what you want with your audience.

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A big part of being a creative entrepreneur is striking out on your own. You get to make your own rules, set your own schedule and choose who you work with. It also means spending a lot of time alone and putting off the work you don't feel like doing. (hello accounting!)

That's one of the perks of having someone else conduct your brand audit. Accountability.

When you pay for a service you are more inclined to take full advantage of that service. That is going to hold you accountable to putting in the hard work that a brand audit takes. It also increases the likelihood that you will follow through on implementing your action steps. 


Actionable Steps

At the end of a brand audit, at least at the end of my brand audits, I offer action-steps. The action steps are the most important and valuable aspect of my brand audits. It doesn't help someone to know what is wrong with their brand, it helps when they know how to fix it.

For example, if they need to build out a blog I walk them step-by-step through the process. This takes all the guess work out of it.

If you're conducting your own brand audit you are alone with each decision from how to prioritize your list to picking the most beneficial way to fix each problem. That is why action steps are the most valuable part of any brand audit and why you should never conduct your own.


Have you ever had a brand audit done before? What's holding you back from getting your brand audited?