Open a Shop With Squarespace

Whether you've visited my website before or not, I've made it pretty clear that I'm a big fan of Squarespace. 

I've written blog posts about how to choose a template, customize your website and start a bog. Somehow, I haven't talked about opening a shop in Squarespace, yet. 

Which is crazy, because Squarespace is a great place to open an shop.

Squarespace makes it easy to design your website with an intuitive back-end and gorgeous templates. They also have affordable plans and make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Not to mention, excellent customer support, easy SEO and all inclusive software. 

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Add a shop in squarespace

Squarespace makes adding or running a shop really simple. 

Step One: Open the back-end of your website and navigate to the Pages section of your website.

Step Two: Under the Not Linked section of your menu Select the "+" sign. A pop-up will appear, as shown below, select Products.

Open a Shop in Squarespace | Adding a shop page with Jordan Prindle Designs

Note: You can drag your shop into your navigation at any time under the Pages section of your website.

Step Three: This will bring you to a blank "New Products" page. In the upper right-hand corner you will find Search, Product Settings and Add Product.

Step Four: Open the Product Settings. 

In the pop-up window you can configure your basic settings, such as: Navigation Title, Page Title, Description and more.

Open a Shop with Squarespace | Shop Settings in Squarespace with Jordan Prindle Designs

Once you've configured your shop settings, you can start adding products!


Add products

Now that you've created your shop, it's time to start adding your products!

Step One: Navigate to your new shop and press the "+" icon in the upper right hand corner to add your first product. 

Step Two: A pop-up will appear asking you if your product is "Physical" "Digital" or "Service". If you have a Premium account, you can also add a gift card to your shop.

Open a Shop with Squarespace | Add Product with Jordan Prindle Designs

Step Three: Once you've selected Physical, Digital or Service a second pop-up will appear prompting you to add product details.

Under the Item tab you can add a product name, image(s), tags and categories and a short description. 

Open Shop with Squarespace | Squarespace Product Settings with Jordan Prindle Designs

Under the Pricing tab you can add pricing, SKU and a few additional details, such as stock, weight and dimensions, depending on your product type. 

Under Additional Info you can add a longer product description and use blocks to add videos, testimonials or any additional content you'd like to highlight for your product.

Open Shop with Squarespace | Squarespace Product Descriptions with Jordan Prindle Designs

Additionally, you can add a form to your products under the Form tab, customize the URL or thumbnail under the Options tab and share your products to your connected accounts under the Social tab.

Step Four: Select Save and Publish to bring your product live. 


Brand your squarespace shop

Now that you have created your shop and uploaded your first product, it's time to brand your shop!

Step One: Navigate to your new shop. In the menu select Design > Style Editor

Step Two: Select anywhere in your shop to bring up the shop specific Style Editor

Open a Shop with Squarespace | Brand Your Squarespace Shop with Jordan Prindle Designs

Step Three: Using the Style Editor, change fonts, colors and menu settings. Select Save once completed.

Note: Your template may support additional features, such as banner images or page headers, that affect how the Products Page looks. Products Page styles fall into one of three categories, depending on the template:

  • Classic - The original Products Page

  • Advanced - Includes more features like Image Zoom, Quick View, and advanced hover options

  • Unique - Supports template-specific Commerce features

Step Four: Navigate to a Product page. In the menu select Design > Style Editor

Step Five: Using the Style Editor, update any additional fonts, colors and menu settings. Select Save once completed.


You officially have a Squarespace shop! Pop the bubbly and wait for the orders to start rolling it!

What questions do you have about opening a Squarespace shop? Let me know in the comments!