How to Set-Up Pages and Navigation in Squarespace

Picture this, you're building your own website. 

You're struggling with the layout of your pages, content and creating your sitemap. The thought of learning navigational hierarchy, how to properly optimize a website and creating layouts that convert almost brings you to tears. I get it.

It's important to take your website step by step when striking out on your own. In this post, I'll teach you how to add a page, organize your pages and even implement navigational hierarchy. 

Let's get started!

How to set up pages and navigation in Squarespace | Whether you're worrying about navigational hierarchy, page layout or simply how to add a page to your website... this post has got you covered! Read the full post at


1 | Add a page

To add a page to your Squarespace site select the Plus icon under the Pages panel. When you select the page you can choose from a few different kinds of pages.

When adding the pages you can select the Plus icon under three possible navigation sections: Navigation, Secondary Navigation or Not Linked.

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2 | Organize your pages

When creating a website, you want to always think about your audience. How they navigate your page, the content that is most relevant to them and your ideal outcome as a business owner.

That makes it important to understand your goals with your business and how your website meets those needs. For instance, if you want to sell online products you need to know who your target audience is, how they find your website and what makes your products different from the competition. 

When organizing your pages evaluate the importance of the content from the perspective of your target audience. What do they value, what questions do they need answered and what's going to make them come back for more. As you organize this content into the proper pages, hierarchy and layout you will turn your attention towards your navigation.

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3 | Navigational hierarchy

Depending on your template, you have a few options for your navigation: Navigation, Secondary Navigation or your Blogs Sidebar.

With each of these navigation options, you'll want to create a sense of hierarchy. This hierarchy will depend upon your ultimate goals. 

In your primary navigation you may include things like: product/service pages, blog, webinar, shop, etc. In a secondary navigation you may include: about page, contact page, legal and privacy, resources, etc. In a blog sidebar you might include: archives, popular blog posts, about page, resources, etc.

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How did you set up the pages for your website? Let me know in the comments!