How to Breathe Personality Into Your Brand

I've discussed the importance of branding in many posts. 

But, one aspect of branding I haven't touched on yet, is the importance on breathing personality into your brand. The way I look at it, personality in branding is how you go beyond the colors, fonts and design aspects of your brand. I'ts how you create real and lasting connections with your audience. 

In order to create these connections, we have to start with shifting our mindset away from selling our business and move towards sharing our authentic selves. 

How to Breathe Personality into Your Brand | 5 simple mindset shifts to make in your creative business to stop focusing on sales and start focusing on fostering a community around your brand. Read all five at #branddesigner #squarespacedesigner


Tone down the sales pitch

As a business owner, the financial well-being of your business is always on your mind. So, when I ask you to tone down your sales pitch, your palms may begin to sweat. But, if you shift your mindset towards sharing your brand, your life and your business people will feel a deeper connection to you beyond liking a cool product. This allows you to foster a loyal following and community. 

Figure out what makes you and your business different from the pack and rotate through highlighting those differences and people will easily start connecting with your brand and business.


Share your face

Real talk: people don't connect with logos, they connect with people and the feelings that these people create within them. 

Before someone is willing to purchase a product, they want to know, like and trust the creator. That makes sharing your face one of the easiest ways to personalize your brand and connect with your audience. Start sharing your life and your story and people will start remembering you. 


Hone your brand voice

Have you ever started writing an Instagram post and your mind just goes blank? Same. 

There is something about the pressure of curating your feed that makes you forget how to talk like an normal person. That's why it's so important to hone in on your brand voice.

When you are talking to your audience there are certain intentions you should always approach each conversation with. How do you talk to your friends and family? You're probably casual, friendly and approachable. Why would you approach your audience any differently?


Let people into your life

Think of your favorite blogger, influencer or celebrity. What do you like about them?

For me, I love K&K from Tone It Up, Kathleen Barnes from Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Chrissy Teigen. Do you want to know why I love them so much? They're real. They're transparent. They're authentic.

For instance, Kathleen Barnes from CBL shares Instagram stories from her daily life. From cooking dinner, playing with her dog and three-legged cat to the not so glamorous aspects of working from home alone all day. I can connect with her on a personal level first, and secondarily I can connect with her business.

Take some time to analyze who you love online and how you can emulate some of the creative ways they invite people into their lives. 


Nobody likes a know it all

Everyone remembers that kid that knew everything and always made sure you knew it. I'm here to tell you not to be that person. 

When it comes to running a business, it's important to be knowledgeable about your niche and profession, but that doesn't mean you are perfect or that you excel at every single thing you try. Be transparent about that. Share your losses and your failures, it makes you human.

Which of these five personality tips are you going to implement first? Let me know in the comments!