The Podcasts I Listen To For My Creative Business

If you work from home or as a solopreneur, you're probably used to long hours or silence. 

In order to feel a little more connected, get creative and learn techniques to grow my business, I love listening to podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to get information and feel a little less lonely when working solo. 

I will tell you, I don't just listen to business related podcasts. A few of my non-business related favorites are: Lore, Spiritual-ish and Criminal.

But, when I'm having a busier week and can't read a blog post, which is still my favorite way to get content, I love listening to podcasts from industry leaders and thought-provokers.

If you're looking for a few new podcasts to listen to for your business, be sure to check these out!

The Podcasts I Listen to For My Creative Business | As a solopreneur you probably spend a lot of time in silence. Get inspired, start designing or just learn from other #smallbusiness owners at #logo #designer #branddesign #tips



1 | The Goal Digger Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast was created by a fellow Minnesotan, Jenna Kutcher. 

Jenna Kutcher started her business as a photographer. However, the more her business grew the more she wanted to share her knowledge and help other photographers and passion-driven women. Now, she's a photographer, educator and recent viral superstar

The Goal Digger Podcast is a mix of interviews and host-run episodes answering all your questions about growing a business, marketing your passion and even a little insight into the Kutcher's personal life. 

Start listening here: The Goal Digger Podcast


2 | The Ellechat Podcast

The Ellechat Podcast was created by Lauren Hooker. Lauren Hooker is the designer, educator and strategist behind the brand Elle and Company. 

Elle and Company is a business dedicated to help passion-driven creatives brand and grow their business. Lauren Hooker offers custom brand design, business strategy mentorship, courses, products and so much more!

The Ellechat Podcast features a few interviews from industry leaders and some great insights into the design and strategy of your business. 

Start listening here: The Ellechat Podcast


3 | Pursuit with Purpose Podcast

Finally, the Pursuit with Purpose Podcast. This podcast is ran by Melyssa Griffin. 

Melyssa Griffin started her business when located in Tokyo teaching English. She was making a barely-get-by income and felt unfulfilled. So, she decided to launch a business. She learned and failed and now she's sharing her knowledge on building business, starting a blog and marketing through social media.

The Pursuit with Purpose Podcast features expert interviews from people who have created a life they love. This podcast goes beyond following a strategy and taps into the mindfulness and passion that often get left behind as we struggle to grow a new business.  

Start listening here: The Pursuit with Purpose Podcast


4 | Designer Lunch Hour

Technically, the Designer Lunch Hour isn't a podcast, but I love it so much I had to mention it. 

The Designer Lunch Hour is a semi-regular webinar hosted by With Grace and Gold. With Grace and Gold is a Midwest designer-duo dedicated to design brands and websites for small business owners. They offer feminine designs and business education. 

The Designer Lunch Hour is created for their fellow designers or DIY-ers who could use a little help in their business. They cover topics on running a design business, mastering social media platforms and streamlining your business processes. 

Start listening here: Designer Lunch Hour


5 | She Did It Her Way Podcast

She Did It Her Way Podcast was created in 2015 by Amanda Boleyn. Amanda, I assume a lot like you, didn't want a typical 9-5. She wanted to follow the rocky road of entrepreneurship. She set out to learn everything about it, which is what brought her to She Did It Her Way.

She Did It Her Way Podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs of all kinds sharing their stories. It covers marketing, processes, taking the leap and so much more! If you're looking for inspiration to take the leap or to just keep going, you'll love this podcast. 

Start listening here: She Did It Her Way Podcast

What are your favorite business podcasts? Let me know in the comments section below!