Step-by-Step: How to Add Related Posts to your Squarespace Blog

There are many benefits of using Squarespace. It's actually the only website platform I will use to design my clients websites. 

But, that doesn't make Squarespace flawless.

Squarespace doesn't come with nifty plug-ins that make all your problems go away. With Squarespace, sometimes, you need to be a little more creative. 

Today, I'm going to walk you step-by-step through adding related posts to your Squarespace blog using summary blocks. 

Step-by-Step: How to Add Related Posts to Your Squarespace Blog | A simple to follow #squarespacetutorial to add related posts to your Squarespace blog. Keep reading at #squarespacedesign #squarespacetips #webdesigntips


Step 1 | Open blocks

Open your blocks in the desired area you would like your related posts to appear. This is a fun way to customize your website layout since traditional plug-ins only place them at the bottom of the blog (nothing wrong with that location - it's where mine are) but this options gives you the freedom to be creative. 


Step 2 | Find summary blocks

You'll need to scroll down a little bit to find the Summary Blocks. Once there, select the Carousel Block. 

Summary blocks in Squarespace


Step 3 | Customize Layout

When you first open the Carousel Block you will be prompted to select your blog. Click the blog button and then head to the next tab labeled Layout. 

Once under the Layout tab you can adjust for: header text, items per ratio, sizing and more. Don't stress about this step just yet, as your layout may change after you head to the next tab labeled Display.

Once under the Display tab you can adjust for: number of items, content displayed and filters. 

Play around until you land on a look that you like for your related posts section.


Step 4 | Filter

The filter option is my favorite perk. 

Under the Display tab you will see Cateogry and Tag filter options. Whenever you write a blog post, you (hopefully) are designated which category or tag it falls under. If you have already been doing this with your blog - yay no additional work!

If you haven't you can go back through your old blog posts and add cateogires and tags at the bottom of each blog post. 

Categories and tags in Squarespace

Once all your categories and tags are set up you can just select which categories or tags you would like displayed under your latest blog post.


Congrats - you now have related posts for your Squarespace blog! Show off your new related posts in the comments section below!