9 Things I Learned in My Second Year of Business

I have been officially running Jordan Prindle Designs for two years. 

That sounds utterly insane to me.

With two years under my belt, I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned. I did that after my first full year of business as well, and I thought it was such a fun blog post to write and a powerful way to reflect on all that I’ve achieved over the last year.  

So, I wanted to do a follow-up of sorts, to talk about what year two has taught me. 

Over the last year or so, I’ve made a lot of changes in my business. I started creating courses, I took a work sabbatical, I stopped taking clients for a few short months and I grew my following up and invested time into my email list. 

It feels like a lot has changed for me and for JPD, so what have I learned? Let’s jump into it.

9 Things I learned in My Second Year of Business | Entrepreneurship is hard and you have to hold yourself accountable to progress. in this blog post, I'm sharing ways I'm moved my business forward. Keep reading at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #smallbusiness #businessgrowth #businesstips

1 | Do it scared

There are a lot of things that I did this year, that terrified me. 

Creating a course was a big fear of mine. I didn’t feel capable or qualified, but it has actually been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far in my business. 

I am a teacher by nature, and sharing my experience and expertise is so life-giving. If I hadn’t pushed myself past the fear and self-doubt, I never would have learned how passionate I am about course creation. 

Now, I want to tell you that whatever is on your heart, whatever you can’t stop thinking about. Just do it. Do it scared and do it today.

2 | Community over competition

It is not just a hashtag. If you can find people in business who do what you do and get the struggles that you deal with - hang on to them! 

I talked about this in last years post, but it continues to amaze me. 

The creative community I have around me are not only inspiring business women, but heart-centered givers and friends. We all pull each other up and force each other to have the tough conversations and I know that I would be nowhere in business without them. 

If you are struggling to find a creative community of friends, email me. Seriously, shoot me an email any time. I will be your business bestie. It’s so powerful to have a community and I think you need one if you want to make it anywhere. 

3 | Quality Content Will Always Win

No matter how beautiful your blog is, how often you post or how much money you pour into your ads. It will not matter if the content isn’t good.

Quality content will always win out. 

This year, I was getting burnt out blogging and the quality was beginning to suffer. It was visible in my web analytics that I wasn’t the only one suffering from the burnout - my audience was too.

So, instead of pushing through and forcing myself to put out subpar content, I took a break. 

This break allowed me to recharge and commit myself to quality content. Now, I prioritize only sharing the highest quality content, even if that means missing a day in my content calendar.


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4 | Prioritize Profits

Okay, this may sound icky, but if we can be honest with ourselves - profits need to be prioritized in business. 

Rachel Hollis once said “If it’s not making money, you have a hobby - not a business.”

And that was a huge wakeup call for me and I hope it is for some of you as well. You need to prioritize the tasks that are bringing in money, not the tasks that make you feel busy. 

I was doing so many unnecessary, busy-work tasks just to feel productive. But, when I took a hard look at what was and wasn’t working in my business, I realized that I was wasting a lot of time. 

So, I prioritized the projects and activities that pushed the needle forward in my business and it was a big game-changer for me and my business. 

5 | Strive to Level-up

I don’t think any business owner needs to dream in a grandiose scale. You don’t need to strive to make your business an Oprah level empire. But, I do think you need to always be working to level-up. 

This can be leveling up your business, your process, your systems, your skill-set. Pushing forward and striving for new goals is so important and over the last year I pushed myself to do just that. 

That took brainstorming and hard work, but leveling up is a game-changer and looks totally different for different people.

6 | Build Systems

Okay, this one is big. 

Something I have learned over the last year is about building systems. When you first get started, you just need to learn how to do everything. 

  • How are you going to post to Instagram?

  • How do you grow an email list? What do you send them once they’re there?

  • How do you do your taxes?

You learn so much. But, once you’ve started learning and mastering some of the basics, you’ve got to learn to smooth out those processes. 

Invest the time and energy into learning how you work best and how you can make it a smooth system to ensure you are doing your best work all the time.

7 | Funnels

One thing I have forced myself to start learning this year is sales funnels. 

The more you grow your business, the more work there is and the more funnels you set up the better. 

A sales funnel is a strategy that you can implement to walk your audience from a casual viewer to a paying customer. 

I did a lot of work to build one email sequences and it has been a really powerful experience for me and my business. 

Email sales funnels feel incredibly overwhelming when you first get started, so I recommend building these up slowly. 

8 | Invest in Yourself

This is a big one that was really hard for me to overcome. 

I am a penny pincher by nature. I’m talking wrestling with a gum purchase - but that’s a topic for another day.

When it came time to start investing money into my business, I really struggled. But, this is something I vowed to work on in year two.

Over the last year, I’ve invested in courses, business coaching and software. This has helped me level-up in business, build my skill-set and save time on the busy-work tasks.

9 | It’s okay to take breaks

This year was a big one for me personally. 

Joey and I bought our first house and did a lot of renovations to it. Joey and I are incredibly un-handy, so this project was a significant biting off more than you can chew type of moment.

Due to all the work it was going to take for us to tear down walls, install new floors, redo ceiling and more…. I decided I needed to take a break from client work and blogging. 

I thought it was going to ruin my business, but it didn’t. It allowed me to come back stronger, more passionate and rested enough to level-up.

So, when your passion is burning you out a little, remember it’s okay to take a break!

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What have you learned since being in business? Share it with me in the comments!