8 Creative Ways to Utilize Squarespace Cover Pages

In Squarespace, the cover page appears differently than the rest of the pages. 

Each cover page includes a pre-styled layout and a panel of editing tools. Rather than using blocks and design elements, the cover pages stay in a fixed layout to optimize your website. 

In general, cover pages are used to highlight or promote a launch, product or upcoming event. Today, I want to talk with you a little bit about how you can start creatively utilizing Squarespace cover pages. Let's get started!


1 | Coming soon

A coming soon page is most frequently used before you launch your website. However, you can also use a coming soon page for new products or course launches. 

A coming soon page is a great way to  promote your business and starting sharing your brand story. The beauty of using a cover page as a coming soon page is the simplicity. When sharing a coming soon page, you don't have everything ready and finalized so you are just sharing a sneak peak. With cover pages, you can highlight your brand and even request names and emails without allowing people to view your entire site. 


2 | Homepage

One of the things that sets a cover page a part from traditional pages is that they don't include your website's navigation.  

Recently, it's become popular to use a cover page for a websites homepage. It sounds counterproductive to remove full access to your website, but if you take the time to structure your website well, it can actually be very beneficial. It gives you more control over how people navigate through your website, the content they are seeing and in what order. Plus, you can specify what call-to-actions are available and when. 


3 | Launch page

Whether you are launching a new product, course or workshop it can be highly beneficial to create it's own landing page. When you are promoting anything, it's important to keep the focus on what you're selling. Creating a stand alone page, like a cover page, helps readers engage with the content because they can't click away from it as easily. 


4 | Email Opt-ins

Similarly to promoting an upcoming launch, an email opt-in page can require some attention. There are a lot of people promoting their newsletters and few people do it well, myself included.

If you're working on promoting your newsletter, consider using a cover page to keep all attention on the benefits on joining your newsletter. 


5 | Event Registration

Hosting events have a lot of moving parts.

At my first job out of college, I was responsible for hosting a few trade shows and gathering emails, sharing hotel information and vendor resources was nearly impossible. Imagine how much easier it would be if I had just kept resources on one page. Hindsight, yaknow?

If you want to take my advice, I suggest placing all event details and email registration on one page and you can quickly and easily share all of the detail from one link. 


6 | Giveaways

Giveaways are similar to event registrations, they have a lot of moving parts. 

If you are hosting a giveaway, especially if you are partnering with another brand, your visual branding may not be represented. If you use a cover page, you can fully customize the design without inhibiting your existing brand. Using a cover page will keep focus on the giveaway, promote your business and keep your brand visual intact. 


7 | Thank You Page

A thank you page can come in handy in a lot of ways if you get a little creative. If you're using opt-ins, promoting giveaways, hosting an event... it's nice to thank someone for engaging with your content. Plus, a thank you page can be used to share additional call-to-actions. 

I've actually been playing with the idea of setting up a thank you page after someone submits an email inquiry from my contact page. I think it would be a nice to thank someone for sending me an email, sharing a response time and linking them to additional resources in the meantime. 

Get creative, it can go a long way!


8 | Social Media Resources

Another creative way you can start utilizing cover pages is for your social media resources. Think of Instagram, you are given just one link and if you have multiple resources you'd like to share with your audience, it would be really useful if that one link was focused on promoting your resources. 

I recently stopped using LinkTree and started utilizing a custom Instagram page to link all of my resources. Full disclosure, this isn't a cover page - just a regular page. But, I am already liking it so much more with this set-up for two reasons. One, I can track my analytics easier when linking straight to my website, rather than another website. Plus, I can more easily brand my website and and make updates.

Have you ever used the Squarespace cover pages? What did you use it for? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!