Should You Be Using Squarespace Email Campaigns?

The Squarespace email campaigns were just officially released to the public.

With this new update you are able to design and send emails that are integrated into your web platform and look stunning. But, does this new Squarespace feature offer all of the complexities your email list needs in order to function?

In this blog post, I’m diving into what the new email campaigns has to offer and how they may or may not be the right fit for your business!

Let’s get to it!

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1 | Squarespace Email Campaign Features

Let’s start with what Squarespace email campaigns have to offer.

Beautiful layouts

As always, Squarespace hits it out of the park on offering beautiful layouts and templates to ensure your emails look professional.

Similarly to their website, they have broken down their layouts into a few helpful categories:

  • Promotions

  • Announcements

  • Blog Posts

  • Thank You’s

  • Ask for Support

  • Invite

  • Seasonal

  • Note

With these layouts you are able to edit them with ease, just like your website. Allowing you to create a completely custom experience from a beautifully designed template.

Integrated with your website

This may be my favorite feature of Squarespace’s email campaigns. Your newsletter being integrated directly into your website ensures everything you send is quick, simple and error-free.

As Squarespace puts it “Import content from your website to draft emails in minutes, saving time and avoiding mistakes. Your products, blog posts, social icons, logo, and mailing lists are only one click away. “


Squarespace offers two specific features dedicated to mobile: Mobile editing and mobile-optimization.

Allowing you to create an email from a mobile device is a lifesaver, especially on days when your computer decides to stop working or isn’t within reach.

Mobile-optimization is becoming more and more important and Squarespace is dedicated to ensuring you look your best from any screen.


Automation is a big one. I believe that anything you can automate in your business, should be automated. Your email list included.

With Squarespace Email Campaigns, you can welcome people to your list, send discount codes, freebies and more while only creating the email once.

Learn more about Squarespace Email Campaigns.

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2 | Squarespace Email Campaign Limitations

Now, let’s look at a few of their limitations.

List Organization

First up, they don’t currently offer any list organization. That means you can’t segment, tag or categorize your list.

This is a pretty big limitation for marketing purposes. Without this feature, you aren’t able to target specific groups on your audience to promote a product or announce a sale.

If you’re not ready to tackle list organization or segmenting your marketing efforts, this limitation won’t bother you.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing is when you make subtle changes to your subject line or email to analyze what performs better.

For example, you may send an email to group A with the subject line of “Do you know what chemicals are in your favorite products?” and to group B you may send an email with the subject line of “Are your favorite products hiding something from you?”

After the email has been sent, you can take note of which subject line your audience responds to and move forward following that trend.

Currently, Squarespace doesn’t offer this as a feature.


Although Squarespace allows you to set up automations, it doesn’t let you set up sequences.

A sequence is when you create a few emails to be sent to a new subscriber. This may look something like this:

Person subscribes > They receive their freebie > The next day they receive a welcome email > A few days later they receive a helpful article > Then they get added to your primary list.

This is a little more complex, so if you aren’t ready to tackle sequences, this feature won’t be missed!


Finally, Squarespace Email Campaigns come at an additional cost to your existing membership. The cost are broken down into $5, $10, $24 and $48 per month when billed annually.

Take a deeper look at their pricing.

Due to the limitations that Squarespace is currently offering, I consider this the most significant disadvantage. Other platforms are free to use and offer more features.

3 | The Break Down

Now that you know a little more about the features and limitations, what is the right fit for you?

Utilize Squarespace Email Campaigns If…

  • Simple and professional design is a top priority

  • Website integration is a must-have

  • Easy mobile editing and viewing is important to you

Don’t Utilize Squarespace Email Campaigns If…

  • You have a smaller business budget

  • Advanced marketing techniques are a priority

  • Sequences are a must-have in your business

Have you tested out the new Squarespace Email Campaigns? What do you think so far? Let me know in the comments!