The Functions and Uses of Each Squarespace Page

Squarespace offers multiple ways to add content to your site through the Pages Panel. 

Each page offers unique features and benefits. Whether you are creating a portfolio, shop, blog or membership site Squarespace offers unique pages to help diversify your website.

Squarespace pages can be grouped into four sections: regular, collection, cover and organizational pages. Learn more about the page groups and individual page functions below! 

The Functions and Uses of Each Squarespace Page | Are you new to Squarespace? Trying to figure out all the details of customizing your website is no easy task. Learn more about the uses of each page at #squarespacedesigner #websitedesign #branddesigner


Regular Page

The first section of the Pages Panel is the Page. 

The Page is a regular page that you can build and customize through the use of Blocks. These Pages come with templates from you to choose from or you can build from the Blank layout. The multi-use layouts are great for contact pages, about pages, home pages and the majority of your website.


Collection Pages

The collection pages are all of the pages that can be used to share a set of content. This pages include the: Products, Album, Blog, Gallery and Events pages

All of these page options, besides the Album page, are designed with a two-layer structure. For example, when you visit a Blog page you can select the individual blog posts and go a layer deeper into the content. 

Collection Pages offer the most versatility and unique design elements between the templates. Take a look at the different Squarespace templates features with this template comparison chart.


Cover and Info Pages

Cover pages are the single-page layouts that differ from the page options above. The layouts focus on marketing, brand launches and announcements. As mentioned above, template features vary between pages but you can expect to see full-bleed image backgrounds without your traditional navigation. 

Info Pages are only available on the Aubrey and Aviator templates and functions similarly to a Cover Page.


Organizational Pages

Organizational Pages are the groups of pages that support three page structures: Folder, Index and Link. 

The Folder page gives you the option to group multiple pages together. When grouped these pages display as a drop-down menu in your Navigation. 

Index pages work as an index to display multiple pages in one area. The display of the Index pages vary by template, but you can expect to see a grid of thumbnails or one continuous page.

Note: Not all templates support the Index page function. Confirm your templates features through the template comparison chart.

Lastly, the Link page is how you can upload an external link to your site. For example, if you have an Etsy shop you would like to link to in your Navigation, the Link page would be the perfect fit.

What about these page functions surprised you? Will you be implementing any new pages with this new information? Let me know in the comments!