20 Answers to Your Most Common Squarespace Questions

Choosing a website platform is one of the hardest steps you can take when launching your website.

You have a million questions, but tracking down all of those answers can be difficult and time consuming. Instead of leaving you high and dry searching endless, I headed over to Instagram and asked you to send me your Squarespace related questions.

Now, I’m answering 20 of your most common Squarespace questions. Have a question not listed here? Leave it in the comments!

20 Answers to Your Most Common Squarespace Questions | Find all your hard to answer questions in one place to pick the perfect web platform for your business at www.jordanprindledesigns.com #squarespace #squarespacetips

1 | Is Squarespace right for my business?

I’m a huge fan of Squarespace and have found that it works perfectly for most business owners.

The only reasons I would suggest using a different platform would be if you need a forum in the future. Otherwise, Squarespace offers a lot of flexibility and functionality without the confusion or headaches.

2 | Can you actually customize a Squarespace site?

Absolutely! Squarespace comes equipped with gorgeous, user-friendly templates, but you are able to easily change the look and feel of your website with the building blocks.

In addition, a little bit of CSS can go a long way in making your website stand.

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3 | Can I transfer my domain?

Absolutely! Squarespace makes this really simple and has a step-by-step tutorial and great customer support if you get stuck.

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4 | How much does Squarespace cost?

The Squarespace packages are broken down into website packaging and online store packaging. The website packaging contains a personal and business package. The online store contains the basic and advanced packages. I will explain a few of the differences below.

Website Packages

Personal Package: $12 a month when billed annually

Business Package $18 a month when billed annually

Online Store Packages

Basic Package: $26 a month when billed annually

Advanced Package: $40 a month when billed annually

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5 | When is my site live?

Technically, your site is always live, even during the trial period. However, you can work on the back-end of your website privately if you set-up a cover page or password protect your site.

6 | How do I Switch templates?

This is really simple.

Step 1: Navigate to Design > Template and select Install New Template

Step 2: Once you’ve installed the template, you can preview and adjust the settings from the back-end of your website.

Step 3: Once your new template is ready to go live, select the blue Set As Live Template at the bottom of your screen.

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7 | How Does Squarespace Handle SEO?

Squarespace has a reputation of being bad with SEO, but that's a myth. Squarespace can greatly help your website appear in search engines, you just need to know what to do and where to start. 

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8 | Can you hide pages in Squarespace?

Yes, you can! Simply drag any page you wouldn’t like public under the “Not Linked” section of your Pages tab. This will ensure that this page won’t be displayed in any menu and will only be found if you link directly to that page.

9 | Can you lock a page in Squarespace?


Step 1: Open the Settings tab of the page you’d like to lock.

Step 2:Scroll down to the bottom and find Password. It should be below the URL Slug.

Step 3: Simply type your password and press Save.

10 | How do you connect social accounts?

This is really simple to do in the back-end of your website. Squarespace created a simple tutorial video walking you through it!

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11 | Can I change my social sharing image?

Yes! While it's optional, adding a Social Sharing Logo helps you affect the image included in social posts linking to your content, even if the page you're sharing doesn't include images.

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12 | How do I add a favicon?

This is really simple and can be done at the same time as you update the social sharing logo.

Step 1: Navigate to Design and select Logo and Title.

Step 2: Scroll until you see the Browser Icon (Favicon) option.

Step 3: Upload your favicon graphic and press Save!

13 | Can I set-up Google Analytics?

Absolutely! Although, Squarespace comes equipped with analytics, Google Analytics gives you deeper insights into your audience and web traffic.

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14 | How do I use custom fonts in Squarespace?

Squarespace comes equipped with Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit. However, if you don’t have Adobe Typekit, Go Live In 5 wrote a great blog post about adding custom fonts.

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15 | How do you add a blog?

Each Squarespace template comes equipped with a blog, however each template offers different blog features. Use this blog features comparison chart to examine the differences.

Step 1: Open the back-end of your website and select Pages.

Step 2: Select the + icon and choose Blog.

Step 3: Customize your setting and start blogging!

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16 | Can you set-up blog archives?

Yes, there are two simple methods to adding blog archives to your Squarespace site.

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17 | How do you add related posts to your blog?

This is really simple to do with Squarespace summary blocks!

Step 1: Click the insert point and select Summary Blocks

Step 2: Select Blog

Step 3: Customize your display settings in the following tabs.

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18 | Can you use Disqus commenting with Squarespace?

Yep! This can be updated in the Settings tab under Blogging.

19 | Can I use “Click to Tweet” in Squarespace?

You absolutely can! Brand It Girl wrote a blog post showing you two simple ways to do it.

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20 | How do you add CSS to Squarespace?

Adding CSS to your Squarespace website is really simple. 

Step 1: From the back-end of your website, select Design > Custom CSS.

Step 2: Now that the CSS Editor is open, you can begin adding your code. 

Squarespace highlights your CSS with multiple colors to demonstrate it was been used properly. If something in your Syntax is wrong, it will notify you at the bottom of the screen in red. 

Step 3: Select Save and view your new changes. It's that simple!

What other Squarespace questions do you have? I’d love to answer them. Leave them in the comments below!